Haiti 360’s unique views

Web video from CNN shows Haiti from 360-degree perspective

Earning some kudos in the recent coverage of the Haitian earthquake and recovery is CNN’s experiment with 360-degree panoramic videos.

This video allows you to click and drag to check out different angles of the clip, as it progresses down what looks like a makeshift shelter. Shift the video to the right to see a clothesline of wet clothes, drag quick to the left to see an inquisitive man checking out the camera, hands on his hips.

According to the company stamp, this Haiti: 360 vid was produced by Immersive Media, the same company that used to work with Google on Street View.

How does it work? Immersive explains in a press release: “…cameras capture 100 million pixels at 30 frames per second for high-resolution detail.”

The CEO of Immersive Media also says these videos are more than just for kicks: “Since many of the first responders and government organizations are not on-site in Haiti, these 360-degree videos give them an unprecedented view of the devastation from the ground level.”

It’s only a matter of time before more media orgs take advantage of Immersive’s technology.


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