Happening NOW: February 11, 2010

Giambrone skips town, the only burger in Vancouver, and Toyota punishes media for reporting its woes

What’s happening February 11, 2010:

With Adam Giambrone skipping town, some are suggesting his weird speech the other day – the one where an aide made his race withdrawal announcement – could be blamed on half of it being left in a printer.

No strike for Ontario college students…or is there? Apparently the next ten days of counting mail in ballots could upset the 51% vote “no-strike” win.

We’re heard so much about Toyota’s acceleration pedal problems. Add punishing newspapers for reporting on it to the list of the auto firm’s screw-ups around the PR disaster.

Every time I get a little excited about the Olympics I hear about another corporate asshole taking it out on the little guy. This time a First Nations food vendor has to change its menu because “burger” is exclusively the realm of McDonald’s.

Finally, as much as I don’t understand what people find appealing about The Big Bang Theory, it’s even less entertaining as a repackaged clone from Belarus.[rssbreak]

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