Happening NOW: February 8, 2010

Arctic is worse off than we thought, Shaw School save, and TTC's work to rule?

What’s happening February 8, 2010:

Arctic ice is melting faster than the “most pessimistic” predictions. Time for deniers for find excuses. Maybe it’s all the tea Sarah Palin is drinking?

Ever wondered where the world’s oldest tree is? It’s in Sweden, and it’s 9550 years old (well, its roots are). Please don’t go anywhere near it.

The TTC’s workers, faced with public rage for napping on the job and being dicks about coffee breaks have a plan! The Globe is suggesting they’re already mulling a work to rule action (I.e.: begrudgingly do the bare minimum) – which victims of naps and long pit stops might welcome as a positive change.

Anyone who’s been wondering what’s going to happen to the pretty Shaw Street School (please not condos, please not condos), good news: Artscape has their hands on it and will morph it into a community/arts centre.

The Olympic spirit burns again. This time it’s burning Right to Play, a charity improving children’s lives through sport. Why do our Olympics have a hate-on? Because Mitsubishi sponsors the charity, and GM (and Olympic sponsor) doesn’t like it.

Okay, the whole “onion ring is more popular than Stephen Harper” group is alright, but do we have to be drowned it all these popularity contests? Obviously a delicious pickle is preferable to Nickelback. Of course a sexy potato trumps Miley Cyrus, but it’s getting annoying to watch ringers beat up on losers.[rssbreak]

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