Happening NOW: October 12, 2010

Fantino set to run for Cons, offensive signs removed and banning puppy mills

What’s happening October 12, 2010:

These didn’t last long on University Ave. Frank, a contractor and “concerned taxpayer” found white plastic election signs that read “Wife-beating, racist drunk for Mayor” placards offensive. Still, not as offensive as Rob Ford.

We’re minutes away from Julian Fantino’s announcement that’s he’s taking a run in Vaughan’s federal by election. Obviously, he’s with the Conservatives.

Well, that was quick. The boring Gap re-brand, with bonus detestable gradient box, is dead. The company might have realized people hated it when crappy logo generators started popping up.

Great news out in Richmond, B.C., where a push to ban pet sales in pet stores is being attempted to cut down on puppy mill problems there. Do it here too.

Finally, by the time you read this, 33 Chilean miners might be stepping onto the Earth’s surface for the first time since August 5.

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