Happening NOW: October 13, 2010

RIP eco fee, Harper's foreign policy sinker, nobody's reading your tweets, and Ontario vs. Craigslist's adult ads

What’s happening October 13, 2010:

It was the most embarrassing thing to happen to any Canadian PM, ever. Yes, talking about Canada’s rejection for a seat on the UN Security Council. Of course, Harper couldn’t even shoulder that (sure, it was Iggy’s fault – how much international sway do you think he has?) it was his policies that sunk him.

Being good environmental stewards took a hit from poor provincial management. The eco fees that were so sloppily administered on household products are now gone – with them the fundamentally smart core concept of owning up for the life-cycle costs of our chems.

First they banned prostitution ads in the U.S., now Craigslist is feeling pressure from Ontario to ban its escort ads up here.

Finally, the next time you tweet about your breakfast or retweet a day-old news item, remember this: 71 per cent of all Twitter updates go unnoticed.

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