Happening NOW: October 8, 2010

Bee mystery solved, Monsanto's hurt, and audio zoom

What’s happening October 8, 2010:

They had to call in the army, but they figured it out. Turns out fungi and viruses are teaming up to kill honeybees.

One death nature wouldn’t mind: Monsanto’s.

Now topping the “most obvious” column for mayoral endorsements: Deb Matthews’ (current Ontario Health Minister) picks Smitherman.

The SIGINT community can say goodbye to losing a conversation in the crowd and say hello to audio zooming. The real question is how soon can I zoom in on hockey players’ racist, sexist and just generally nasty swears on my home entertainment system.

Good news from the Good Shepherd for Thanksgiving. They’ll be serving 1,600 meals to hungry Torontonians this Thanksgiving. Just a little reminder if you’re feeling generous.

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