Here’s what the ballot for Toronto’s mayoral by-election looks like, and it’s overwhelmingly long

A Twitter user posted a sample of the upcoming mayoral by-election ballot and it is so long that Canadians are feeling overwhelmed. (Courtesy: Canva)


The by-election for who will be the next mayor of Toronto is quickly approaching and there are over 100 candidates to choose from. 

On Wednesday, a Twitter user posted an early look at the unsurprisingly long ballot list and it caused a flood of reactions from Torontonians, and even some from Canadians outside of the city and from our neighbours down south. 

The list includes 102 different candidates organized in alphabetical order. It starts from Bahira Abdulsalam and ends with Nathalie Xian Yi. 

One could argue that the number of candidates could make it difficult for frontrunners, such as former city councillors Olivia Chow, Ana Bailao, and former Toronto police chief Mark Saunders, to stand out amongst the crowd. 

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Some online users are criticizing the voting system, with some even comparing it to the United States.

One user joked, “That’s more people that voted in the last election.” According to the Association of Municipalities Ontario, average voter turnout was 36 per cent across 385 municipalities in 2022. In Toronto, only 29 per cent turned out to vote during last year’s municipal election, a record low statistic. 

Other users are feeling overwhelmed by the number of candidates and are feeling dissuaded to vote because of the process. 

Another commenter even said, “Honestly, at this point I’d vote for @JohnTory again 100%.”

The former longtime Toronto mayor resigned from the top job back in February after admitting he was in an extramarital affair with a former staffer. 

Voters can cast their ballots on June 26. Advance voting starts on June 8 to 13 from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m at available voting locations across the city.



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