News – NOW Magazine Toronto’s best source for alternative news, entertainment, events and food. Sun, 24 Jan 2021 20:33:47 +0000 Sun, 24 Jan 2021 20:33:47 +0000 en-US Julia Mastroianni Paid sick leave is essential to stopping the pandemic But the Ford government is not budging on calls to provide 10 days of paid sick leave as the virus spreads among frontline workers

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Julia Mastroianni As COVID-19 case counts dip, deaths rise The province is reporting another 50 deaths today – one of those of someone under the age of 19

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Albert Koehl and Mary Ann Neary City backpedals on $100 million bike plan Last year, the city was asked for an accounting of the money allocated to the Bike Plan – there still hasn’t been an answer

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NOW news Joe Biden inauguration: Planet breathes a sigh of relief Plus, the problem with Derek Sloan, why Doug Ford’s COVID dance is bad for business and what the world needs now is more compassion in reader mail this week

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NOW Staff COVID-19: Teenager working at long-term care home among today’s deaths; UK variant detected at Barrie care home Coronavirus news in Toronto and Ontario for January 23.

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Enzo DiMatteo Does Canada even need a Governor General? The fallout surrounding Julie Payette’s resignation over workplace harassment allegations raises questions about the role of the office itself

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NOW Staff COVID-19: Ottawa sending mobile health units to GTA; Trudeau tells Canadians to cancel their vacations A roundup of coronavirus news for January 22, 2021

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David Suzuki David Suzuki: Net zero offers affordable path to climate stability The climate situation is dire, but there’s still time to avoid the worst consequences – if we act quickly and decisively

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NOW Staff COVID-19: CafeTO patios could return as early as May; Ontario reports 2,655 new cases Coronavirus news from Toronto and Ontario for January 20, 2021

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NOW Staff COVID-19: Ford begs Biden for a million vaccines; Toronto closes mass immunization site one day after opening The top COVID-19 news from Toronto and Ontario from January 19

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Enzo DiMatteo Erin O’Toole makes Derek Sloan a convenient scapegoat If the Conservative party leader is serious about getting rid of extremists in the party, then the bloodletting has just begun

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Enzo DiMatteo A “business as usual” police budget for unusual times Despite calls to modernize, the city seems stuck in a cycle of ever-increasing billion-dollar police budgets for years to come

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NOW Staff COVID-19: Ontario has 15 cases of UK variant; 75 box stores caught violating protocol Coronavirus news from Toronto and Ontario for January 18, 2021

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NOW Staff Lockdown restrictions are working in Toronto: de Villa However, Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa said the city will still surpass ICU capacity by the end of January

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Charlie Smith Biden expected to cancel Keystone XL pipeline on first day in office A reported briefing note from the incoming president’s transition team included the words “Rescind Keystone XL pipeline permit”

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NOW news Doug Ford’s wishy-washy lockdown Plus, the ruthless face of COVID-19, Erin O’Toole’s paranoid conservatism and women in comedy is no joke in reader mail this week

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NOW Staff COVID-19: Police arrest three at anti-lockdown protests, city to decide if Pride can proceed Ontario reports 3,422 new COVID-19 cases and another 36 deaths among long-term care home residents

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Charlie Smith Joe Biden’s ambitious climate plan ups the ante for Justin Trudeau Can the U.S. keep a warming planet habitable for humans? Some say the next president is already leapfrogging ahead of Canada

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NOW Staff Ontario changes vaccine protocol, Scarborough to send patients to Kingston The province reports 3,056 new COVID-19 cases as an issue with Pfizer forces public health officials to delay second vaccine shots

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Julia Mastroianni Ontario reports 2,998 new COVID-19 cases, 100 deaths The province announces a plan to boost contact tracing as daily testing hits a new high

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Elisa-Marie Baglione This is what COVID-19 looks like A few important things that everyone should learn about what happens when a loved one is admitted to ICU with COVID-19

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Enzo DiMatteo Scarborough-Agincourt by-election: a primer The good, the bad and the ugly in the race to replace disgraced former Scarborough councillor Jim Karygiannis in Ward 22

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NOW Staff Updated: Here’s the full list of lockdown restrictions in Ontario A new province-wide state of emergency is in effect. Pandemic restrictions have been modified

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NOW Staff Here is the full list of rules for the stay-at-home order in Ontario Effective January 14, everyone must stay home at all times – except for these essential reasons

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Julia Mastroianni Ontario reports 3,326 new COVID-19 cases, 62 deaths Long-term care residents accounted for 29 of today’s reported deaths

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Kevin Ritchie Ontario temporarily halts most residential evictions However, Landlord and Tenant Board hearings will continue and orders can be enforced in “urgent” circumstances

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Enzo DiMatteo Nova Scotia mass shooting mired in legal wrangling The recent arrest of the common-law spouse of gunman Gabriel Wortman on ammunition charges has added another layer to the release of RCMP documents

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NOW Staff Here’s who will receive COVID-19 vaccine doses in phase 2 of Ontario’s rollout plan Ontarians over age 80, frontline essential workers and people in high-risk neighbourhoods will be eligible

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NOW Staff Ontario reports 2,961 new COVID-19 cases, 74 deaths The province prepares to lay out legal parameters for the stay-at-home order taking effect at midnight

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David Suzuki David Suzuki: U.S. Capitol crisis shows need to speak truth to power By perpetuating false notions about consumerism, those in power have engendered a failure to remember what really brings meaning to our lives

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