Jeanette Dowling

fire benefit organizer

FIRE BENEFIT A fundraising concert and sale of art and baked goods for those affected by the Queen West fire. Monday (March 10), 7 pm. Suggested donation $10, plus clothing and housewares. Reverb/Holy Joe’s, 651 Queen West. 416-504-6699. Rating: NNNNN

Why a fundraiser?

I work down there, at Steve’s Music, and found out a friend’s sister lived above a burned building. Some of the [former renters] are in and out of hotels now. I have other friends who worked in that block and now they’re jobless. Whenever anything like that happens, the only thing I can think of doing is playing music to raise money.

What’s your biggest fear about the future of the block?

The same as everybody’s: condos and big-box stores. Queen Street has already been turned into an outdoor mall, and independent boutiques like Preloved and Suspect are being pushed out.

What do you think should be built on the site?

I would’ve liked it if the facades were saved. There wasn’t much left, but there was something to work with. I’d like to see buildings inspired by the architecture of the past.

How do you cope with seeing that mess of charred remains?

People come together. You can’t go by the site without tripping over people paying their respects. I also go across the street to Just Us! or Gandhi.

What part of the show are you most looking forward to?

The Salarymen and Anagram. I selfishly picked them.

What’s your idea of a soundtrack for Queen West?

A [mix tape] with local bands the Guest Bedroom, Lunchmeat, the Mark Inside and the Postage Stamps.

Did you check your smoke detector last week?

I absolutely did. Everyone should check theirs out now.

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