Letters To The Editor: So-called progressive Toronto votes Liberal

With Liberals it’s a case of forward and back

Really, NOW? Alice Klein’s editorial supporting a Liberal win was very shortsighted (NOW, October 17-23). There are plenty of Liberal seats in the 905. We needed to support the possible NDP seats in the city. You needed to! Toronto is ill-served by its latest whack of do-nothing Lib MPs. Going backward.

Jennifer Joiner, Toronto

So-called progressive Toronto votes Liberal 

Fear-voting in the mushy-middle Liberals? So-called progressive Toronto thinkers/talkers/environmental marchers don’t deserve the efforts of progressive parties to represent the interests and concerns we pretend to care about. Courage is taking the right action in the face of fear.

Cate Stoker, Toronto

Canada’s left and right oil hypocrisy

Conservatives and the oil industry are destroying Mother Earth? People in Ontario use oil and gas to transport food from farms to the cities in order to survive. They use oil to manufacture pharmaceuticals, clothing and cosmetics. The auto industry in Ontario relies heavily on petroleum and plastics to build cars. Of course, the ever-present plastic cellphones and plastic toys enjoyed by everyone in the world are also made from petroleum. If you want to be a “protector” of the earth, then perhaps give up all of these consumer goods. Otherwise you are just as guilty as everyone else, including the “radical right-wing” that you speak of.

When I travel the 400 and 401 highways in Ontario, I am amazed at how many SUVs, F-150s and high-performance engines I see.

Mick Snaychuk, From nowtoronto.com

Singh and May headed for disappointment

To me, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh and Green Party leader Elizabeth May clearly have a strong moral foundation and sense of humanity, which is why I question their wisdom in running for the nation’s highest office.

The further up the scale of political office you go, the more diluted your values become. There’s a consistent human political history filled with examples of such great disappointments.

Frank Sterle Jr., White Rock, BC

Who gets to define hate speech?

In The Issue No One Is Talking About (NOW, October 17-23), Bernie Farber and Evan Balgord of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network don’t define “neo-Nazi” and which political parties would be banned under their proposals to eradicate hate speech. 

For example, what rule would Farber apply to leftists who regularly condemn Israel’s occupation of Palestine as unjust (or even as Jewish supremacy)? Will Farber have to invent a separate term for them?

Pierre Dall, From nowtoronto.com

Calling out Nazis

Re What Happens When We Ignore The Language Of Hate (NOW Online. October 14). 

The son of the owners of Syrian restaurant Soufi’s did not pester anyone outside Maxime Bernier’s rally in Hamilton. He was at the protest but wasn’t involved in calling out the old woman (or anyone else) attending the rally. Consider that these people were attending a rally for a neo-fascist party calling for the rights of immigrants to be eliminated. Being called a Nazi as a result is not pestering but rather calling out people for being dicks. They have the right to their opinions, but that does not shield them from criticism.

D. Robert, From nowtoronto.com

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