New bike lanes are making Toronto’s streets safer – and saner

Plus, Toronto's housing market needs a correction and Doug Taylor's remarkable dedication to heritage preservation in reader mail this week

Changing Toronto’s streets

Perhaps I missed it, but I haven’t seen much NOW coverage of the new bicycle lanes. That’s unfortunate. The Bloor, Danforth and University lanes are marvellous. They’re changing our streets. Thoroughfares once devoted to cars now officially welcome people on two wheels. That’s justice. I’m riding more because roadways are safer and saner.

There are lovely places along the way. At High Park, the lane is next to black oak trees – part of a rare savannah ecosystem. As I pedal beneath the leafy branches, I feel the city is protecting climate while safeguarding biodiversity.

Gideon Forman

Transportation Policy Analyst

The David Suzuki Foundation

Housing market needs a correction

Re Downtown Toronto Condo Rental Listings Jumped 80 Per Cent (NOW Online, August 22). Of course realtors are “confident” about the housing market after watching our economy collapse – and the government adopt any and all measures to protect the precious real estate market along with all profits. What we need is the leadership and courage to let the free market force the 35-45 per cent correction that’s needed across the board and especially in places like Toronto.

Stephen Suley


Doug Taylor’s remarkable perseverance on heritage preservation

Re In Memoriam: Doug Taylor, Heritage Conservationist And Historian (NOW Online, August 16). The persistence of people who lean into the wind of change and do their best to preserve elements of the past before they are strewn is truly remarkable. Thanks to Richard Longley for noting the death of amateur historian Doug Taylor.

Hamish Greenland


Dishing on summer dishes

Regarding your Best Summer Dish contest (NOW Online, August 13). There aren’t enough items! More please. I’m an ex-Torontonian now living in London, Ontario and I miss Toronto achingly. For the brief time it takes to read NOW I’m back!! So more please.

Gilda Blackmore


Princes’ Gates, not princess

Thanks for your article Pandemic Walk: The Bentway And Garrison Common (NOW Online, August 16) Just a minor error: the gates to the CNE referred to in the article are the Princes’ Gates. They’re named after two princes (Edward, Prince of Wales and Prince George, Duke of Kent), not a princess.

Catherine Maclean


Subsidized daycare is key to lifting women out of poverty

Re Ontario’s COVID Recovery Plan Must Prioritize Poverty Among Women (NOW Online, August 16). I was surprised that the writers failed to stress the importance of subsidized day care across Canada.

Many friends of my kids have horror stories about trying to get their kids into day care – and the high price, often the same as their mortgages. As a result, many couples cannot afford to have more children.

During World War II, provincial and federal governments set up free daycare in factories where women worked. All these daycare operations were disbanded in 1945. A federal law forbade married women the right to work – the returning soldiers needed the jobs.

So here we are in 2020 and only Quebec has a subsidized day care system ($17 a day per child).

Deborah Seed


Kudos to feds for extending CERB

Kudos to Canada! Our federal government has done a very good job in ensuring that Canadians have the support they need to get us through this difficult time (Ottawa To Extend CERB, Make Gig Workers Eligible For Employment Insurance, NOW Online, August 20). I have friends in Argentina, Brazil, Portugal and New Zealand, and most have gotten nowhere near the financial support – some have gotten zilch.

V. Manuel

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