Canada’s film sector excludes stories of persons with disabilities

Plus, major retailers not playing by COVID rules, Toronto police's new policy on strip searches and missing the Mod Club in reader mail this week

Disabilities not part of diversity equation at Telefilm

Re Top Canadian Film Producers Push Back Against Telefilm Diversity Measures (NOW Online, November 19). Telefilm does not consider disabled Canadians at all for funding film projects. We are completely screened out of their definition of diversity, despite the fact that 22 per cent of Canadians are persons with disabilities. The film sector routinely excludes voices and stories of people with disabilities. The BC Disability Caucus represents 16,000+ disabled persons, many of whom work tirelessly to convey what it means to be disabled in Canadian society. Sadly, Telefilm and the Minister responsible are silencing us.

Paul Gilbert – From 

Better targeting of coronavirus is needed

Re Toronto And Peel Entering Lockdown On November 23 (NOW Online, November 19) New York City has implemented a very targeted system to control coronavirus whereby outbreaks are addressed by the city block, in concentric circles, with isolation and contact tracing focused on the outbreaks and not the entire city. Why can’t we implement a similar approach?

Rena Granofsky – From

Some major retailers are not playing by the COVID rules

There need to be standards set for retailers to protect and monitor the clients they let into their stores.

Metro stores have a security person at the entrance, staff to spray and disinfect shopping carts and ensure customers are wearing a mask.

Loblaws Superstore at Brimley and Progress in Scarborough, on the other hand, do not spray carts and have one spray bottle and a roll of paper towel for customers. That’s all they do. Home Depot in my area is the same. Retail stores have a responsibility to protect clients and the government needs to set standards. 

Barry Roden – From

How did we reopen without contact tracing?

I am disappointed our city and provincial governments are doing such a poor job at tracking and tracing COVID-19. Every medical expert I have read speaks of the need to test and contact trace. How did we reopen without adequate provisions to test and trace? We found out during the first round of COVID our elderly and lower-income were at the highest risk for COVID but did nothing to rectify the problem before reopening. Many of our homeless feel safer in a tent in a park than a crowded shelter but we take their tents and throw them back on the streets.

Winnie McDonagh – From

Strip search rules apply

Re Flaws Exposed In Toronto Police’s New Policy On Strip Searches (NOW Online, November 22). Monica Lemke writes that “lower courts have since delved into legal issues arising from the strip search of people outside of the arrest context. That includes when people are being held for bail or by Court Services in general, in the drunk tank or being transferred to other facilities.”

If a person is being held for bail, they’ve been arrested. If a person is in the custody of court services or is in the drunk tank, they’ve been arrested. If a person is being transferred from one facility to another, again, they’ve been arrested. The same rules on strip searches should apply to them as during arrest.

Matthew Wood – From

David Suzuki is right about bottled water ban

Re Canada’s Plastics Ban Should Include Beverage Containers (NOW Online, November 18). David Suzuki is right. Ever since the Walkerton disaster, Ontario has implemented the most stringent drinking water quality standards in North America – there’s no need for bottled water on the scale we see it made available today. What a waste! And why are remote First Nations communities continuing to struggle for safe potable water?

Ned Martin – From

Missing the Mod Club

Re The Mod Club Is Closing (NOW Online, November 6) Shame I never got a chance to visit. I’m a Platinum Blonde and David Barrett Trio fan and both played this club often.

Rob Mcintyre – From

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