Letters to the editor: PCs becoming a garbage dump for the narrow minded

Plus, Chrystia Freeland's family values, Dave Chappelle's trans-gression and The Drake goes big box in reader mail

Seeing only white privilege

Re On Immigration, Doug Ford Is Full Of Baloney (NOW Online, October 20).

Doug Ford went on a similar rant in 2019 against unemployed and disabled people when he infamously remarked: “The fastest way out of poverty is something called a job.” 

To an egomaniac like Doug, poor people are a nuisance and a disgrace, never mind that society doesn’t exactly favour the marginalized – or for that matter, that some people suffer from medical problems that may make holding a job impossible.

The Ontario PC Party has become a garbage dump for the narrow-minded who can only see white privilege. The PCs always disguise their prejudices under the pretense of cost-cutting and economic streamlining. No, Dougie and his Ford cult of ego are not what we need in Ontario.

Christopher Mansour Toronto 

Time to call out the old boy’s club

Re On Immigration, Doug Ford Is Full Of Baloney (NOW Online, October 20).

Most eloquently stated. This was the experience of my father and myself also. It’s still playing out today. Time to call the old boy’s club out on their entitlement.


Should Freeland be blamed for grandfather’s past?

Re Freeland Emerges As Media’s Foil On Trudeau Leadership Questions (NOW Online, October 16).

Please note that in 2014 Chrystia Freeland tweeted her pride in her grandfather. As HuffPost and others noted, her grandfather’s newspaper office occupied the apartment of Jews who had “disappeared” and most likely murdered, as most Kyiv Jews were. I doubt he was secretly in the resistance. Should she be blamed? I am proud of my Holocaust-involved family, but that is a different story.


A letter about letters

I understand the concept of including eye-friendly pictures with text in print, but does it really need to take up an entire third of the total allotted space?

In the case of NOW’s letters section, reducing the size of the photo could allow for another letter, albeit not long. Furthermore, the enlarged text of the leading letter only exacerbates an already tight situation. 

Frank Sterle Jr.From NOWTORONTO.COM

Tollkeeper’s cottage a wonderful treasure

Great article on the Tollkeeper’s Cottage, a wonderful, almost-hidden treasure in the city (NOW Online, October 17). A correction is needed though. It was the Community History Project that rescued and restored the cottage to its original state.

Jeannette MazzocattoFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Real comedians like Chappelle are free to say what they please

Re Dave Chappelle Special The Closer Is A Big FU (NOW Online, October 15).

The only reason why Eddie Murphy apologizes just like many of the other comics is that he has something to lose.

Also, if you know anything about the Black community there’s not one “all-time greatest” that has ended on top. The white, feminist, LGBTQ+ community and more has made sure every single one of the greatest fell before or after they died.

You can’t take something away from someone that doesn’t care like DC. That’s why real comedians are talking about how he’s free.


The Drake goes big box

Re Toronto’s Drake Hotel Doubles In Size With New Expansion (NOW Online, October 19).

Just as the ROM was ruined by the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, The Drake will go from a beautiful heritage site to something resembling a big-box furniture store. Perhaps they could paint it blue and yellow.

David RussellFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Re Chippewar’s Massive Installation Reflects On Indigenous Genocide In Canada (NOW Online, October 7).

How Ottawa can help remember residential schools tragedy

Our family is Mohawk. We live on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.

My daughter was reading about the peace tower on Parliament Hill in Ottawa. It has a book for each war Canada was involved in. Each book lists the names of the soldiers that died in those wars. She asked why the government doesn’t include a book for the war on Canada’s Indigenous people. They could include the names of all the children who died in residential schools. This recognition would be a step in the healing process.

Colleen GreenFrom NOWTORONTO.COM


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