Big Pharma putting profits ahead of global health in COVID fight

Plus, Doug Ford's middle finger to Ontario, corporate media's climate cop-out, and the glow comes off Toronto Blooms in reader mail this week

Pharmaceutical companies not sharing vaccine know-how

Back in my native country, Ethiopia, COVID-19 is wreaking havoc. Because Ethiopia is a low-income country that cannot afford to procure vaccines independently, millions of people at risk will not receive a safe and effective vaccine for COVID-19 for years to come. This should concern us all because our only way to end the global pandemic, including here in Canada, is to make sure that vaccines reach everyone, everywhere.

What is appalling is that many low-and-middle-income countries, including in Africa, already do have manufacturing capacity to start producing their own vaccines and save precious lives but can only do so if intellectual property rights are waived. Not surprisingly, pharmaceutical companies are not sharing intellectual property, know-how, and data out of pure greed.

It is immoral that high-income countries are refusing to support the TRIPS intellectual property waiver proposed by South Africa and India to the World Trade Organization to allow scale-up of vaccine production. As we celebrate World Immunization Week on April 24-30, Canada must support the TRIPS waiver tabled at the WTO and put people’s lives ahead of publicly subsidized pharmaceutical company profits.

Hanna BelaynehOttawa

Global response to COVID at critical point

“We now face the real danger that even as vaccines bring hope to some, they become another brick in the wall of inequality between the world’s haves and have-nots.”

These words, spoken by the World Health Organization’s Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, signals the deadly divide between high-income countries and low-and-middle-income countries.

The scientific community has mobilized in extraordinary ways since the initial outbreak of COVID-19. The development of COVID-19 vaccines moved at unrivalled rates. Given the global spread, vaccine rollout across the world is a critical aspect of bringing the pandemic to an end.

The past several months, however, have seen a competition between high-income countries racing to get access to these essential medicines. This approach will only prolong the pandemic, and greatly exacerbate existing inequities between the privileged and the marginalized.

Frances WalkerFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Doug Ford’s middle finger to Ontario

Doug Ford should not have apologized for giving police more powers to enforce COVID measures (NOW Online, April 22). He should have stood by his decision and refused to compromise. There would be more dignity in it.

Charles de Gaulle made a number of inflammatory statements and some very unpopular decisions, but he never wavered or folded under pressure. In the end, he issued an ultimatum to the French people: “Either I get an overwhelming vote of confidence or I quit.”

Doug Ford could learn a thing or two from de Gaulle. He should flip Ontarians the bird and tell them that getting rid of me might help you let off steam but it won’t change the COVID-19 crisis one iota. Deal with it!


Playing the COVID blame game

It makes me sick when I hear people praising Doug Ford and blaming Justin Trudeau for the current COVID mess (NOW Online, April 23). Ford is another Donald Trump. We have some very ignorant people in Ontario, they voted for Ford and they can’t admit they are wrong!


Ford deliberately undermining vaccine rollout

My main concern at this stage of the pandemic is how Doug Ford and his regime of bobbleheads are deliberately causing confusion about the vaccine rollout (NOW Online, April 11). WTF is happening?

Our “Dear Leader ” hasn’t been listening to anyone from the medical community, municipal, federal and provincial officials, union leaders and many other groups that have been in the line of fire of the pandemic.

When asked about his failure to listen to medical experts, as usual Ford got defensive and blamed others for his negligence. Meanwhile, Ford has been campaigning and fundraising whenever he can during the pandemic.

Ford’s response to the pandemic is deliberately undermining the successful rollout of the vaccines. He is using the power of his office to circumvent the election rules to tip in his favour. Ford’s neglect in response to the third wave and variants of concern have now pushed our hospitals and health care workers to the brink.


Canada’s media monopoly doing Big Oil’s bidding

Re Big Oil’s Climate Cop-Out (NOW April 22-28) Our elected representatives have failed us, but so has the mainstream news media when it comes to fighting climate change.

In Canada, we have a near-monopoly corporate news media (i.e. Postmedia) that are formally allied with companies involved in one of the planet’s greatest polluting solid forms of “energy” and the most polluting form of crude oil — bitumen from the tar sands.

Frank Sterle Jr.From NOWTORONTO.COM

Glow comes off Toronto Blooms

Last year, the Toronto Bloom cam was handled by artists (NOW Online, April 14). I was one of the two artists hired. Reanna Niceforo was the other. I am a Metis artist from the City working as a photographer and visual artist. Due to the fluid nature of the pandemic last year we had to work under extremely tight timelines to have a 24-hour stream set up wirelessly in days. This year, the Parks Department chose to hire Earthcam an American corporation doing tourist cams around the world instead of directly supporting local artists.

Phil SutherlandFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Location tax key to affordable housing

It is strange that every “solution” offered to make housing affordable (NOW Online, April 17) ignores the most fundamental cause — the escalating cost of land.

The wisdom of deep thinkers such as Adam Smith is ignored when it comes to solving the problem of rising land costs. Smith wrote in The Wealth of Nations that the right public policy for any society is to impose an annual tax on land equal to the potential annual rental value of whatever land is privately held. Why? Because the value of a location has nothing to do with what the owner of the land does or does not do to improve the site. Location values are based on the advantages the location provides, and these advantages are directly created by the quality of public goods and services available.

If Toronto’s civic leaders want housing to become affordable, then land prices must come down. And, the only way this will occur is by moving to a land-only property tax system. This will have a benefit of ending the profit that comes from land speculation. This will have the secondary benefit of encouraging development where public infrastructure already exists, curbing sprawling development that eats up open space, agricultural land and imposes huge infrastructure costs on the public.

Edward J. DodsonFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

End to blind bidding will make housing market fairer

Re Toronto Real Estate Experts Call For An End To Bling Bidding And Deception (NOW Online, April 25). I’m currently going through the home-buying process and it’s been a struggle from the beginning. Something needs to be done to protect buyers and make the market fairer. Thank you for shedding light on this subject!


Cannabis economic 101

Re The Second Coming Of Cannabis Legalization in Canada (NOW Online, April 5). Why am I going to pay $15 a gram from a store when I can get it from “my guy” for $80 to $100 an ounce?



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4 responses to “Big Pharma putting profits ahead of global health in COVID fight”

  1. Re: “Not surprisingly, pharmaceutical companies are not sharing intellectual property, know-how, and data out of pure greed.” …

    Big Pharma’s most likely excuse, or at least the greatest consideration, for their greed will be their need to recover research and development costs, which are typically cited by the very profitable industry to justify its exorbitant prices and resistance to universal medication coverage by government plan.

    However, according to a Huffington Post story (“Pharmaceutical Companies Spent 19 Times More On Self-Promotion Than Basic Research: Report,” updated May 8, 2013), a study conducted by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) found that for every $19 dollars the pharmaceutical industry spent on promoting and marketing new drugs, it put only $1 into its R&D.

    Promised universal medication coverage (though it would likely be for generic-brand only) was again conspicuously missing from a federal Liberal budget, as it has been with some past Grit governments. After the last promise was made, following the 2019 election, the pharmaceutical industry reacted with threats of abandoning their Canada-based R&D if the federal government went ahead with the plan. Why? Because universal ‘pharmacare’ would negatively affect the industry’s plentiful profits. Of course, profits would still be great, just not as great, which bothers the industry greatly.

  2. You armchair quarterbacks! You are creating hatred with your headlines! All of our leader have not got it right, but as journalist you guys have failed. Every day you CHOICE to write SHIT… NO one has this right… think if only we didn’t listen to Dr.Tam last March and we began wearing face-masks could we have prevented this? What if we shut our boarder earlier could we have prevented this? All the doctors with different opinions? We have protestors everywhere…We do not want to listen that is the problem… your streets of downtown Toronto are full, underground restaurants, no social distancing in TB Park… and yet you don’t not hold them accountable… the rest of the province is paying for what Toronto/GTA has done! STOP this madness of blame ask the questions on how the hell are we getting out of this… You try to please everyone good luck with that!


    Former Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, born and raised in Somalia, a country with one of the worst records of torture and mutilation of young girls, announced over two years ago that PM Trudeau was going to admit over 2,000,000 refugee claimants into Canada and speed up their landed status so they could vote for the Liberals. And now, the new Immigration Minister Mendicino is also promising to open Canada’s doors to Immigrants and speed up their landed status so they can vote in the next election.

    Did anyone ask Trudeau where these refugees were coming from? The facts show that some were from Third world countries that throw LGBTers off buildings and cheer when they die. But Trudeau wanted any votes he could get – even from killers. And he still does.

    Israel welcomes LGBTers. Does Iran? Instead, Canada supports U.N. resolutions against Israel.

    Did Trudeau ask either Hussen or Mendicino about their views on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)? The RCMP has already confiscated torture tools found on some of the new immigrants. They have also raised questions about Hussen’s recent ties to the AXE group still being investigated as part of a Nigerian criminal syndicate.

    “So – hey guys, how would you like to be circumcised when you are around ten years old?” Oh, wait! It is young Muslim girls who will be suffering – not boys.

    Trudeau has said, “Canadians with dual citizenship should not be stripped of their citizenship if they go overseas to fight with ISIS. Canada should be sending humanitarian experts to the ISIS front lines, not the military”. Unbelievable sick comments from the P.M. Yes, he really did say it! ISIS murdered hundreds of thousands of civilians – but Trudeau welcomed these terrorists back “home”. And of course, they will no doubt sue for damages – and Canadian taxpayers will get shafted again. Yahoo for Omar Khadr!

    PALESTINE HOUSE – it was defunded by the former federal Conservative government for a “pattern of support for extremism and by aligning itself with terrorist causes”. Its response? “Palestine House stands by the al-Quds intifada”. It is supported by Liberal MPs that included Igra Khalid and Omar Alghabra.

    Now to the Qu’ran – a real and present danger. “CONVERT TO ISLAM OR DIE!” No analysis. No psychiatric rationale. That one line says it all. First the Jews, then the Christians, then the rest of you.

    Chrystia Freeland, Deputy PM and Finance Minister for Trudeau is the granddaughter of Ukrainian Nazi collaborator Mykhailo Chomiak. He settled in Warsaw during the War and was chief editor of KRAKIVSKI VISTI, a major pro-Nazi publication. He wrote: “Ukrainians are ready for a happy cooperation with the Nazis”.
    After the slaughter of 33,750 Jewish children and their parents over the pits of Babi Yar, he also wrote: “Jews got their comeuppance. There is not a single one left in Kiev today. Without Jews, Kiev is beautiful, glorious!”

    Shouldn’t Freeland have mentioned this in her resumé? She learned about it in 1994. Instead, she recently praised Chomiak as a victim of the U.S. and Russia even though she knew that he and his cohorts had escaped into Western Canada pretending to be immigrants, thanks to Liberal PM Mackenzie King. Where is her loyalty? In 1939, PM King had refused sanctuary to 900 Jews on the MS. ST. LOUIS docked in Halifax harbour. They wound up in Auschwitz – 200 survived.
    A former BLMer activist who helped block a Pride Parade and its main roadway had no critique about Muslim BLM co-founder Yusra Khogali’s statements, published in several media outlets, during the Ghomeshi trial.:

    “Plz Allah, give me strength not to cuss/KILL these men and white folks. Plz,plz,plx”.
    A Muslim and BLMer encouraging violence against Canadians with white skin! ISN’T THAT RACISM?

    I AM AN ELDERLY JEWISH GRANDMOTHER with white skin! Their threats were against me – and you! No charges were filed against them. Why not?

    Remember former fitness instructor Trudeau’s self-painted black face smiling in some media outlets? Going both ways is no longer a big deal but he thought he was cool. And our silence is how he gets away with inept leadership – stonewalling and not answering direct questions in the Legislature.

    But no more. Junior, along with his WE crook, F word singing Mommy and his WE Kielburger buddies must be voted out along with the NDPers and their leader Singh, another pitiful joke. They are keeping Junior in power to collect money as long as they can and are proud to share their NDP’s anti-Israel stance with the Liberals. They have blown mega-millions of Canadian taxpayer dollars.

    Sasha Trudeau – once, and maybe still a lobbyist for the Iranian government has been quietly hiding out in BC. No doubt he does not want to create any more problems for his brother’s WE scandal and his mother’s huge and no longer secret WE consulting fees. Sasha must be hoping that her bragging on TV using the F word isn’t too detrimental for her grandchildren. It was disgusting listening to her. But she did create a mental illness for herself years later to justify a backseat fling (media photo) in the Rolling Stones’ Limo outside the El Mocambo in 1977. Her husband was the Prime Minister of Canada.

    How many of you have watched the crocodile tears, so bravely fought back by Junior Trudeau as he whined about the mistreatment of Canada’s Native population for over 150 years? He has admitted that his father PET never did anything much to help. How about the corrupt Native leaders – and the even more corrupt government supported bureaucrats? How many times can one say they are sorry if they aren’t?

    It is all an act. If Trudeau really cared, he would bring in skilled and committed professionals to do what has to be done. But that would end the payoffs – and make some people very unhappy. It would take some real political courage which he is sorely lacking.

    COVID 19 is the rationale for Trudeau’s inept leadership. He knows that WHO is China’s agent. So do the Unionista media. Unifor? Oshawa layoffs? Dias? Lots of talk and promises but no jobs. Any perks for these guys and their special friends in St. Petersburg?

    Winston Churchill once said, “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

    Patricia Starr – 416-733-1896

    • I believe that supposedly civilized society should be careful not to self-righteously look down its nose to condemn the evil acts of one racial, ethnic, religious, cultural group or another. I once heard a philosophy professor say that every person should avoid believing (let alone saying) that they, as a human being, are not inherently predisposed to committing an atrocity if pushed to their limit. Contrary to what is claimed or felt by many of us, he said, deep down there’s a tyrant in each of us that, under the right circumstances, can be unleashed.

      Meanwhile, though some identifiable groups have been brutally victimized throughout history a disproportionately large number of times, the victims of one place and time can and sometimes do become the victimizers of another. I’m not one who holds much faith in the Bible, but I still give credence to the claim within (a verse somewhere stating) that base human nature is indeed “desperately wicked”. And maybe even more so when convinced that ‘God is on my/our side!’.

      As an international news consumer since the late-1980s, I’ve found in this callous world that a very large number of people, however precious their lives, can be considered disposable to a nation. And when the young children of those people take notice of this, tragically, they’re vulnerable to begin perceiving themselves as worthless.

      When I say this, I primarily have in mind Black and indigenous-nation Americans (and Canadians, though perhaps to a lesser degree). However, while their devaluation as human beings is basically based on their race, it reminds me of the devaluation, albeit perhaps subconsciously, of the daily civilian lives lost (a.k.a. “casualties”) in protractedly devastating war zones and sieges. At some point, they can end up receiving just a couple column inches in the First World’s daily news.

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