An election bombarded by questionable social media

Plus, the problem with Jordan Peterson, when Phillip Pullman isn't your thing and NDP infighting pushes voters to the Greens in Letters To The Editor

Election raises fake news questions 

I have two questions about our election procedure (NOW, October 31-November 6). 

First, shouldn’t untrue or questionable information we are bombarded with on social media by third-party organizations be illegal? 

Also, would someone explain how a party whose mandate it is to separate from the rest of Canada – and only runs candidates in one province – can be considered a federal party? 

Barbara Sternberg, Toronto

NOW readers know how to pick ’em

I always look forward to NOW’s annual Readers’ Choice. The 2019 listings were especially stellar. NOW readers definitely know how to pick ’em.

John McKellar, Toronto

The problem with Jordan Peterson 

Re Jordan Peterson And The Politics Of Outrage (NOW Online, November 3). Great article. Without communication, no barriers can be overcome or peace achieved anywhere on earth between people, groups or countries. Online echo chambers and isolation will not make for a helpful human experience.

JM, From

When Philip Pullman isn’t your thing

Re Norman Wilner’s review of HBO’s His Dark Materials (NOW Online, October 29). So high fantasy isn’t Wilner’s thing?

Philip Pullman’s world has much more depth, imagination and creativity than is shared by this review. 

Much of the hate tossed toward the series in general is because Pullman actually questions the role of organized religion. Humanity tends to treat the soul as an existential beast regardless, so the demons aren’t really that far-fetched. 

In spite of your review, I am looking forward to seeing what HBO and the BBC make of the series. 

Stephanie Wilson, From

Canadian publishers take note

Why Aren’t Canadians Reading Canadian Books? (NOW Online, October 31). 

Most are boring literary stories. Very few action, crime and adventure novels. Three Canadian publishers passed on my book, The Rumrunner’s Boy. Yet, it was an Arthur Ellis Award Finalist. 

Edward Yatscoff, From

Girl From The North Country: WTF! 

Susan G. Cole’s review of Girl From The North Country were my thoughts exactly (NOW Online, October 7). I could barely keep it together until I figured the playwright was just making fun of the whole thing. WTF! But the play is beautifully performed. The actors and musicians deserved better.

Helen Kelson, From

Why does Israel elect expansionists?

Nadav Lapid says that “the Israeli collective soul is a sick soul” (NOW Online, November 1). 

Israel claims to be a democratic open society like Canada. However, the fact that they elect hard-right- wing politicians, support racist laws and collude with rulers like Trump and Modi tells me that they’re the opposite. Canadians elected a tolerant leader while Israel keeps electing bigots and expansionists. 

Gord Ruddin, From

NDP infighting pushes voters to Greens

Regarding More Election Fallout For the NDP In Parkdale-High Park (NOW, October 31-November 6). 

The NDP’s handling of the riding nomination in Parkdale-High Park is why I voted for the Green Party this time around.

Stephanie Fleming, From

Canadian film’s colour code

Toronto Wants To Change Canadian Film And TV’s “Super White” reputation by Radheyan Simonpillai. (NOW Online, October 30). 

On one production I worked on, there was an intern who was a female of colour who I tried to help get promoted to full-time work. 

A production coordinator (a white woman) pushed back so hard and basically refused although the intern was an excellent worker and got along with everyone. 

She later promoted a white male intern who just happened to be from the same part of Canada as she was.

MC, Toronto

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