Managing fear in the time of coronavirus

Plus, big banks go missing in calls to suspend rents, why the LCBO is not an essential service and a Toronto Island state of mind (we can all use some) in Letters To The Editor

Food for thought on fear of coronavirus

While at No Frills, Superstore and Walmart recently (NOW, March 19-25), I was surprised to see how empty the shelves were. People’s carts were packed with all sorts of food and supplies. This is not the apocalypse, why are people going overboard? Please be considerate and share the food and supplies with others. 

There are people who may not be able to afford to buy in bulk as some others can. If we all don’t share, lower-income people will have nothing. I’m astonished. We have family to think about, especially those who are vulnerable to disease. Come on people, don’t be self-centred.

Melanie Chong, From

Banks go missing in calls to suspend rent

Re Coronavirus: Calls To Suspend Rent In Toronto Grow Louder, (NOW Online, March 21). So, if owners of rental units don’t get rent, many of them will have to sell the units or let the banks take them over. There are tons of articles about mortgage help, but many landlords don’t qualify for different reasons.

Yes, there are big corporations out there that all they do is rent out apartment units. 

But we need to find something fair for everyone.

Mary Kay Klaus, From

LCBO not an essential service

LCBO stores are not like grocery stores (LCBO Reduces Store Hours, NOW Online, March 19). They are not essential services. I am sure the Ontario government will eventually shutter them when stock is low, but not now when it could do the most good preventing deaths and the spread of the disease. If the government is concerned about how this will play out with the public, perhaps the LCBO delivery system can be expanded. But this cannot be at the expense of doing the right thing now when every day makes a difference. What are we waiting for? Let’s do the right thing immediately and shut the LCBO stores.

Gail Cadieux, Toronto

Homeless forgotten in COVID-19 scare 

Where are the homeless to go with these closures? (NOW Online, March 19). Many homeless people are often sick and in poor health. They can get COVID-19 and pass it on to others. I have camped out at Queen’s Park since January 24. Nobody cares when a homeless person dies. Ford’s cuts hurt the poor.

Stephen Webster, From

Who’s really in charge in the United States?

If a moral and ethical political leader – and for me Senator Bernie Sanders is an example — rubs big business the wrong way (NOW Online, March 11), the candidate’s message gets critiqued and devalued, even twisted, regardless of its much-needed societal benefits to those with the very least.

Big business interests are definitely pulling governmental strings in the United States.

When the fossil fuel industry plans for expansion, the governing representatives, unfortunately, are not so free to deny the politically and economically potent resource extractors their big-profit ambitions.

The heads of state of Western democracies appear confined to being symbolically in charge.

Frank Sterle Jr., White Rock, BC

Toronto Island state of mind

I took a trip to our beautiful Toronto Island recently. Stretching out on a welcoming beach, strolling through forested areas, watching the bees and butterflies enjoying the abundant plant life, I felt happy to be connecting with this part of what my beloved city used to be.

Then I had to take the ferry back to the mainland, back to the grey ugliness of condo land.

My heart broke for the beauty of nature that we are losing.

Barbara Sauve, Toronto

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