Doug Ford takes his place among the planet’s populist jokers

Plus, Canada's climate emergency, questions about the Jewish National Fund's charitable donations and condos making Toronto a less interesting place in Letters To The Editor this week

Not a brain in the populist bunch

Re Did Doug Ford Just Kill Populism? (NOW Online, May 30). Name one populist leader who isn’t an authoritarian clown. 

Trump has created a deficit of $1.6 trillion. Eastern European populist jokers attack the EU and its request for moderation but don’t mind begging them for handouts. Populists in northern and western Europe warn about the threat of Muslims while catering to racist and anti-choice Christian fascists. 

None of these individuals understand that we need more people, investment and globalization to continue to grow richer and improve lives. Nor do they realize that it has been their involvement in wars that led to the refugee crisis they rage against. Not a brain in the bunch! 

Ford is another clown as will Andrew Scheer be if his alt-right base succeeds in getting him into power.

GS Herzak, From

How can Ford look at himself in the mirror?

Doug Ford is cutting first responders, and teachers, increasing elementary and high school student classes, cutting health care and autism programs, university education funding, fighting the carbon tax and meddling in sex-ed programs all to balance the budget (NOW, May 23-29). Yet, the buck-a-beer, the licence plate change and the highway speed increases are quick wins and inexpensive? Lol. I hope he sleeps well at night and can look at himself in the mirror in the morning. Karma is a bitch.

Dan Emard, From

Toronto, separate or shut up

Regarding The Accidental Premier (NOW, May 23-29). Doug Ford punched us in the gut. Then, he slapped us in the face. Then, he kneed us in the back. Sooner or later, Toronto has to separate or shut up.

Al McPherson, Toronto

Jewish National Fund donations questions

On May 27, Haaretz published recently declassified Israeli government documents revealing how Israel prevented Arabs from returning to villages they had left in 1948 – chiefly, by razing structures and planting dense forests. 

The villages were bulldozed by the Israeli Defense Forces, and the Jewish National Fund planted the forests (NOW Online, May 29). 

As a child I collected money for the JNF. And as an Israeli I thought it was part of the protection of nature. It is a branch of the state of Israel often doing what formal Israeli law did not allow – namely, Palestinians who are citizens of Israel to lease JNF-owned land. 

Sarah Shartal Levinthal, Toronto

Forest industry’s vindictive lawsuits 

After reading about the forest industry’s frivolous litigation against their critics (NOW, May 30-June 5) I wanted point out how insidious, vindictive, infantile and Stalin-like it all is, but I was afraid of getting sued.

Casey Irwin, Toronto

Canada’s climate emergency

I was born in Canada and have lived here for six decades. I was always proud of that fact until recently. The Canada of my childhood was respected globally as a country that was environmentally responsible. This is no longer true. We see the signs every day in our news, the severe devastating floods and wildfires. There can be no doubt that Canada is facing a climate emergency. 

The majority of Canadians care deeply about addressing climate change. We need leaders who will reflect our concerns.

Lyn Kungl, Toronto

A condo on every corner

Richard Longley’s article Temple Of Treasures No More (NOW, May 9-15) reminded me of how special downtown Toronto was in the 70s and 80s when there were all sorts of interesting shops. Gentrification has certainly changed that. We now have a glut of luxury condos with a Starbucks, Rexall or Shoppers on almost every corner.

With Doug “Open for Business” Ford in charge, we can expect even more badly designed over-priced buildings crowding out anything unique and affordable. 

This is happening in cities all over the world but it doesn’t have to. Toronto has a city plan and we should stick to it.

Hamish Greenland, Toronto

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