Letters to the Editor: The Grand Gerrard brings back movie memories

Plus, readers write on Toronto's push against climate change, Sidewalk Labs's transit takeover in the Port Lands and confronting the mainstream media's anti-Muslim bias

Grand Gerrard brings back movie memories

Regarding the opening of The Grand Gerrard in Toronto’s east end (NOW Online, May 2). I remember going as a kid to the Gerrard Grand when it was known as the Bonita in the 1960s. We watched all those old horror, sci-fi, westerns and war movies there. Brings back memories.

David McLay, Toronto

Toronto’s push for clean air

It made my day to read your articles on climate change by Michael Polanyi and Priyanka Vittal (NOW, April 18-24).

I was diagnosed in 2018 with breathing problems caused by air pollution. I had been telling my doctors since 2012 about headaches and lack of energy. One sent me for tests. The only relief comes at night when whatever is out there that’s making me sick subsides. 

My concern is for young people who are growing up being exposed to these chemicals. It will take many to push for air pollution to be cleaned up, but at what cost to health care? 

Lois Benn, Toronto

Port Lands plans about T.O.’s competitiveness 

Regarding Google’s Transit Power Play (NOW, May 2-8). I’m not a huge fan of Sidewalk Labs replacing humans with automation in their smart city plans for the Port Lands, but if it means keeping us competitive….

Andrew Lindsey, From Facebook

Can Google be trusted?

Why on earth would we trust Google with anything? They happily platform racists and haters, the chair just resigned because of inadequate response to sexual assaults in the workplace, they don’t pay their fair share of taxes and their office tools suck.

Bill Champion, From Facebook

Confronting media on anti-Muslim bias

So, a television reporter from CityNews who says white supremacists have a “legitimate point of view” (NOW, May 2-8) felt uncomfortable being confronted by counter-protesters who challenged her position and her defenders think that’s somehow proof of… something?

Jennifer Dunn, From Facebook

A test of courage on Islamophobia

Regarding Canada, Your Islamophobia Is Showing (NOW, April 18-24). 

If you had any courage and actually cared about Muslims, you would highlight the issues that are actually responsible for terrorizing Muslim communities globally – namely, Zionism, Israel as a whole and Saudi Arabia. 

Dan Calvano, From nowtoronto.com

Why no anti-Semitism outrage?

Your recent issue points out the growing problem of Islamophobia in Canada but you fail to mention the equally growing problem of anti-Semitism, much of it promoted by radical Muslim clergy.

David Shanoff, Toronto

There Are No Fakes is a compelling exposé

Regarding your Hot Docs review of There Are No Fakes (NOW Online, April 20). 

I appreciate NOW publishing something about a Toronto art gallery’s sale of a Norval Morrisseau forgery. Please consider writing a follow-up on the exposé itself in the future. In 2008 you published a small article about the issue, and way back in 1984 Morrisseau himself graced your cover with a great article inside. 

Norman Wilner shows insight and endurance. It’s a marathon of a film that is, in my view, more than a film. Hopefully it will shock Canadians into realizing what is happening with Morrisseau’s art. There have been more than 20 lawsuits, including criminal and competition bureau actions, related to Morrisseau’s art. 

Ritchie Sinclair, From nowtoronto.com

With Morrissey on seal hunt boycott

I noticed your timeline on Morrissey (NOW Online, April 25) didn’t detail the Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey accusations made in the introduction. Perhaps there really were no facts to back it up. As long as Canada defends its seal hunt when there are alternatives, I won’t be visiting either.

Elizabeth Duggan, From nowtoronto.com

Bike lane injustice

I’m a cyclist. Parking in bike lanes is on my list of barbaric cultural practices. 

But sometimes a car is in a bike lane for a good reason.

My car’s engine simply stopped on Friday. A kind young man came along, pushed it to the side of the road and called CAA for me. 

Two hours later I wondered, not when, but if, they were going to come, walked home and phoned them. They had sent a tow truck to George Street, not St. George Street. Eventually they did come and get my car.

Yes, a lot of the time cars are in the bike lane because the driver is a selfish jerk. But not always. 

Now, in addition to whatever is wrong with the engine, I have to get my side-view mirror fixed. Someone wrenched it off my car.

Elizabeth Block, Toronto

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