A case against a handgun ban in Canada

Plus, a second thought on Uber Eats boycott and the "arrogant, self-important twit" running for the Conservative Party of Canada leadership in Letters To The Editor

Ronald Reagan connection to gun control in Canada 

Ken Price states in his article that “handguns serve no legitimate purpose as a tool for deterring predators for farmers.” (NOW Online, May 4). 

In a television interview broadcast in March 1981, Nancy Reagan said she had a “tiny little gun” for self-protection. Urban legend has it that she kept it under her pillow. If she had kept an AR-15 under her pillow, Ronnie might have been upset. Although Canadian policy should not be governed by American anecdotes, it is a reminder that it is not just farmers who sometimes need protection against predators.

By the way, she played an important role in influencing her husband to support gun control especially after he left office. He supported the Brady Bill and the assault weapons ban (now expired).

Bruce Couchman


Uber Eats workers need to eat, too

Regarding the restaurant boycott of Uber Eats (NOW Online, May 3). Uber drivers get paid $20-$30 an hour. An actual living wage. Yes, that money has to come from somewhere. The restaurants are in effect, employing delivery drivers through Uber instead of in-house. The benefit to this is that they only need to employ drivers when there is business, instead of paying someone a flat rate for a full shift. On the other hand, Uber asks that its drivers be paid a living wage. This is what a living wage costs. Maybe the restaurants are just unhappy that they don’t have the option to pay poverty wages with Uber?

Chris Call 

From nowtoronto.com

My landlord has banned deliveries

Can Apartments And Condos Ban “Non-Essential” Visitors And Deliveries? (NOW Online, May 2)

My landlord is banning deliveries to apartments. I have COVID symptoms and am self-isolating. I called 311 and Toronto Public Health. Both tried to get me to “negotiate” with my landlord. 

If your landlord is blocking deliveries you have no recourse except to file an application with the housing tribunal and they are closed indefinitely. They were already backlogged with cases for six months before the shutdown. 

In other words, tenants and condo owners are being left to twist in the wind. I hope I don’t end up spreading the coronavirus because my landlord is forcing me to leave my apartment.

Patti Gardner 

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Derek Sloan beats Peter

Derek Sloan beats Peter MacKay to the punch

When rookie MP Derek Sloan announced his interest in the Conservative party leadership, I thought “Arrogant, self-important twit” (NOW Online, May 2).

However, this foofaraw over his comments concerning Canada’s medical officer of health Theresa Tam made me take a second look. He’s right on the money. 

My take? This isn’t about Dr. Tam. It’s about Sloan coming out of nowhere, beating all other Conservatives to the punch, including Peter MacKay. Calls for his expulsion from caucus are the reactive result. 

Tom Derreck

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Social connection we can all use right now   

I am gratified to hear that our Mayor has organized this public/private/non-profit partnership to help the most vulnerable access the web, a 21st-century necessity most of us take as a given (NOW Online, April 28). The internet and phone provide services, news, social connection and entertainment, comforts we all can use right now, as well as help with job searches and accessing services. Thank you, John Tory!

Elizabeth Jackson

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Pandemic another argument for pedal power

Air quality has improved during the pandemic (NOW Online, May 3) because there’s no bumper-to-bumper traffic and the streets are not crowded with people. Hopefully when this pandemic is gone air quality will not go back to being like before. More cyclists in Toronto!

Elena Matota

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