Health Canada leaves medical marijuana patients holding the bag

Plus, working through our COVID obsessions, straight men having gay sex and Doug Ford's excuses for climate inaction in reader mail

Re Health Canada Eyes Crackdown On Medpot Patients Who Grow Their Own (NOW Online, March 21).

This should not be an issue. Patients have the legal right to grow their own cannabis. If there have been issues with supply entering the illicit market then those people need to be held criminally responsible. However, Health Canada comparing usage recommended by doctors versus Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR) data is incomprehensible to me.

Medical marijuana users, for one, cannot afford the prices of Licensed Producers and are using their medicine completely differently (i.e. making their own edibles, topicals, teas, bath bombs etc) which all take large amounts of cannabis.

If a patient cannot have access to their medicine – it already takes Health Canada eight months to authorize their grow license – where will this leave them? There is still the stigma surrounding cannabis. No, it is definitely not okay for any changes to be made to these regulations.

Bridget Watson-FavaroFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Medpot changes carry whiff of lobbyist manipulation

I don’t have much confidence in Health Canada’s objectivity when it comes to consumers’ health interests.

Health Canada allowed novelty-flavoured vaping products to be fully marketed without conclusive independent scientific proof that the products, as claimed by Big Tobacco, would not harm consumers.

To me, proposed changes to cannabis regulations for medical marijuana users smells of lobbyist manipulation.

Frank Sterle Jr.From NOWTORONTO.COM

Birch Cliff versus Cliffside

Re Five Places To Live And Eat In Scarborough (NOW, March 25-31). Not to nitpick but the Art Of BBQ and Anna Roti House are in Cliffside, not Birch Cliff. Also, housing in Cliffside is arguably more affordable than Birch Cliff, where a lot of bungalows are being split off into modern 3-storey homes, the same as Birch Cliff.


Working through our COVID obsessions

In response to Ellis Portal’s comment on We May Be Getting Too Used To Living In Our COVID Cages (NOW Online, March 19). That person stepping back in line ups or walking across the street as you pass them on the street is just protecting the people they love. Try not to take it personally and simply understand some people are trying their best for those that are vulnerable.

Paranoia is based on the idea that the fear is delusional or irrational but there is nothing delusional about this pandemic. Some people may seem to be going overboard but they are making split-second decisions. It’s not our place to judge.

If someone doesn’t want to let me on an elevator, crosses the street when I pass or steps away from me, I am gratified they are doing their best to help all of us get through this. That fills me with hope.


Of straight men having sex with other men

Re Sex Between Straight Men Challenges Traditional Sexual Identities (NOW Online, March 23). l have no idea where I fit on the spectrum. My first sexual encounter was with a male cousin who convinced me that it would be fun and nobody needs to know. I was 11 years old and had no clue what the hell he was talking about until his penis entered my rectum. lt actually didn’t hurt.

I didn’t have any sexual encounters for another four years and it was always with females and I really thought that was awesome. Then in the late 70s I went out clubbing and met this guy. I was totally taken with him and dated him for months.

I eventually got married but when I got the urge to experiment I turned to men and prostitutes. There was no guilt or remorse. I’m now in my early 60s and find I love my own company most and there’s porn on the internet. Straight men having sex with other straight men should not be that unique.

Gary SchumacherFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

No excuse for Doug Ford’s climate inaction

We have already been warmed by the Intergovernmental Panel that we have less than a decade to prevent climate disaster. We need permanent climate laws put in place that are unchangeable in the face of ever-changing leaders. No matter which government is in power, they must adhere to these laws.

In Ontario, the Ford government wants to pave over wetlands and build two massive superhighways in our Greenbelt, affecting the environment as a whole and creating more pollution. The Ford government is overriding laws to push through development without environmental approval. There is no excuse for putting climate action first.

Janet CivieroFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

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3 responses to “Health Canada leaves medical marijuana patients holding the bag”

  1. Re: “No excuse for Doug Ford’s climate inaction” …

    If it were not for manmade climate-change-effect conscious/active young people, matters would be even bleaker than they already are.

    Our existence has for too long been analogous to a cafeteria lineup consisting of diversely societally represented people, all adamantly arguing over which identifiable traditionally marginalized person should be at the front and, conversely, at the back of the line. Many of them further fight over to whom amongst them should go the last piece of quality pie and how much should they have to pay for it — all the while the interstellar spaceship on which they’re all permanently confined, owned and operated by the fossil fuel industry, is on fire and toxifying at locations not normally investigated.

    The latter is allowed to occur in large part because ‘liberals’ and ‘conservatives’ are preoccupied with loudly blasting each other for their politics/beliefs thus distracting attention from big business’s moral and ethical corruption, where it should be focused.

  2. Re: “Medpot changes carry whiff of lobbyist manipulation” …

    Health Canada (our version of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration) had also remained quiet with a research report indicating that seatbelts would save lives and reduce injury, because it wanted even more proof of this before ordering big bus manufacturers to risk their profit margin by having to install seatbelts in every bus.

    Such conduct should not prevail in a government body established to foremostly, if not solely, protect consumers’ safety and health rather than big businesses’ monetary concerns.

    something that should not prevail in a government body established to foremostly, if not solely, protect consumers’ safety and health rather than big businesses’ monetary concerns.

  3. RE: Of straight men having sex with other men: Men who have sex with men (MSM) has little to do with so-called straight or gay or queer identities. Homosexual practice is a behaviour not an identity, and the sooner we drop the identity tags (and pressures) the better off men will be. Men are sexual, period. By erasing identity-imposed border lines, men can start to enjoy sexual pleasure without judgment.

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