Letters To The Editor | Toronto’s housing crisis is a national shame

Plus, crystal meth and mental health, the crisis in Venezuela and Your Ward News's hate continues to rage online despite recent court decision

Required reading for John Tory

Congratulations to NOW for an excellent and powerful issue on Toronto’s homelessness and affordable housing emergency (NOW, February 14-20). 

It should be required reading for Mayor John Tory and all city councillors who have been complicit in causing homeless deaths and perpetuating substandard, overcrowded, and disease-ridden conditions in our shelter system. It’s a national shame and violation of international law. 

Don Weitz, Toronto

Mayor should try subway grate for a week

Our mayor should try surviving on a single average person’s wage with the outrageous cost of housing, food and transportation in our city. Let him see how far a paycheque goes after taxes. Maybe he or anyone else who believes it is possible to survive will truly see where we are at. 

Hanging out in a sleeping bag one or two days to think it will give them an idea of what it’s like to be homeless won’t do it. How about a subway grate for a week with no jacket or blanket? Give that a try. Maybe then he can find resources to help the ones who truly need it. 

Jake Petrie, From nowtoronto.com

Our mayor is clueless on homelessness

When it comes to homelessness, John Tory is clueless and out of touch. 

Tiana Reeves, From nowtoronto.com

Venezuela crisis looks like U.S. coup in Chile

Re Is Venezuela The Next Iraq? (NOW, February 14-20). 

Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves, which everyone wants. What’s happening now in Venezuela is similar to what happened in Chile just prior to the 1973 coup that started a brutal 17-year dictatorship under Augusto Pinochet.

As historian Peter Winn has pointed out, the U.S. imposed an “invisible blockade” on Chile back then, too, that was designed to disrupt the economy and destabilize the regime – paving the way for Pinochet.

Boyd Reimer, Toronto

Hate rages online, despite court decision

Regarding Bernie Farber’s article on the shutting down of Your Ward News (YWN) for promoting hate (NOW, February 14-20). 

I have been emailing the server that hosts YWN online for two years, trying to get them to take down the publication. They finally agreed, but only after I hounded them after the recent court verdict against YWN. Despite that decision, there are still other similar online publishers who refuse to take down their content. 

Bob Westmoore, From nowtoronto.com

Meth and mental health

Tim McCaskell’s article on the meth explosion in the queer community (NOW, February 7-13) highlights the glaring historical lack of support for men’s mental health. There are very few resources for men and gay men. A focus on and funding for men’s mental health and gay men’s mental health would be a good start. 

Jan Grygier, Toronto

Autism doesn’t vanish at 18

As a 54-year-old autistic adult, I would like to add my two cents to the current controversy over funding

We need a sustainable plan that covers the lifetime of an autistic person as we should all know by now that autism does not magically vanish once someone turns 18. Many with autism are adults.

I know this may be hard to hear for a lot of parents who are dealing with the immediate needs of their child now that the carpet has been pulled from under them. 

But they should realize that carpet would be pulled out from under them when their child turned 18 if we continued to allow for a system that does not reflect real-world support needs of autistic people.

Bernard Maiezza, From nowtoronto.com

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