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Rating: NNNNNThe hockey paradoxre: hockey sucks (now, may 2-8).One of the theses of my book Tropic Of Hockey is that.

Rating: NNNNN

The hockey paradox

re: hockey sucks (now, may 2-8).

One of the theses of my book Tropic Of Hockey is that the NHL has lost its way, no longer holding my interest as a fan, at least not compared to when I was a kid.

The Leaf-Islander series was ugly hockey, I agree with you.

But, stupid game, last Saturday’s triple overtime against Ottawa was enthralling as hell. I couldn’t not watch, could you?

That’s the hockey paradox, I’m afraid. And I believe that when we criticize it, wanting it to get better, we prove that we care for it, love it and never want it to die.

Dave Bidini


Young men with no teeth

susan g. cole is right. hockey

sucks. It’s the only profession where young men with no teeth, stitches woven through their faces and the skill of spewing spit every five minutes attract beautiful women. Go figure.

Douglas Helliker


Here’s Johnnie-one-note

get over it. violence is the fore-

most element that has always defined “our” game. If you want Olympic hockey, move to Scandinavia (which is a very nice place to live, BTW).

Neither violence nor fighting is at issue in NHL hockey today. The real question is how the brutal concussions can be avoided.

The problem relates solely to equipment and the players’ sense of invulnerability.

Brutal hits and cheap shots only became a concern once a new generation of players learned to play hockey with cosmonaut helmets and tooth-shattering elbow pads.

So why not articulate a solution rather than write a typical Johnnie-one-note column on violence?

Henri Solomon


Messin’ with Leafs’ karma

if you’re not a leaf fan, fine.

But don’t publish an article during the playoffs that includes the statement: “I don’t care if the Leafs crap out in the next game.”

Please. Keep that crap to yourself. Fans, above all, know when to hold their tongues.

The players don’t fight out of obligation or pressure. They fight because they’re pissed off.

Hockey players will never be gentle-skatesmen. Laced up, they are among the most talented athletes, and they play, willingly, within one of the most primitive atmospheres.

Tonight I’m going to see the first game of the Ottawa series. It’s my first live Leafs game and my first visit to the Air Canada Centre. Platinums, baby. And if I see a fight tonight, I’m going to smile and think of that article.

Steve Lee


Try lawn bowling

re: hockey sucks. susan g. cole

has obviously never played hockey and probably doesn’t understand the emotions of competitive hockey!

Hey, if you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. No one is forcing you. Suggestion: try lawn bowling.

Trevor Lee


People make the ‘hood

it’s unfortunate that liz clay-

ton’s analysis of condo life (NOW, April 18-24) is alarmist and biased.

Having a downtown condo allowed me to walk to work (took less time than driving), thereby making me more aware of and involved in my community.

Ultimately, it is up to the people who move into condos or into a house on your street to decide whether they want to be involved in their community.

A friend who lives on a cozy, friendly street in the west end has been dismayed by the recent arrival of yuppies who want to live in her “trendy and liveable” neighbourhood, but refuse to talk to neighbours. They live in a house, with a front yard they don’t use.

Jennifer Amey


Tory propaganda

i am writing to you regarding

the latest piece of Tory propaganda — Ontario’s Promise, Report To Ontario Taxpayers.

The cover shows Raptors star Vince Carter and two happy, healthy smiling children.

Inside we find out about Ontario’s Promise to the children of Ontario — to give them the tools to succeed, a healthy start and safe places to learn and grow. I can only assume that the government finds it cheaper to send propaganda to my home than to actually deliver on these promises.

In reality, the Tories have found it cheaper to undermine the health care system, cut education, welfare, programs that supplement the diets of pregnant mothers and breakfast programs for kids, not to mention funding for affordable housing. In fact, we’ve seen a dramatic rise in child poverty since the Harris Tories took over.

Kevin Watson


Israel’s war crimes

it was quite refreshing to read

Chris Sarter’s remarks regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (NOW, May 2-8).

Sarter is absolutely correct. The media is very pro-Israel, often referring to the Palestinians as terrorists but never branding Israeli leaders as such — even though the Israeli government has been involved in what are basically war crimes. The most recent incursions into the West Bank that have all but destroyed the nascent Palestinian state are only the latest example of this criminal behaviour.

Andrew Van Velzen


Suicide as self-defence

i notice in your faces of protest

feature the comments of Chris Sarter, who complains, “It seems that human rights apply to everyone except Arabs.”

Sarter also thinks that “the suicide bombings are self-defence.”

So the solution to the denial of rights to Arabs is to deny rights to Israelis.

Here’s a strange idea: why not extend human rights to everyone?

David Palter


Choking in the greedlock

re: ttc railroad (now, may 2-8).

Surely, the main reason Mayor Mel Lastman doesn’t want independent councillors heading the TTC is pure and simple: the Sheppard subway, that billion-dollar black hole.

We need an overhaul of transit governance and funding, chaining all of our governments and our capital to the table whilst incorporating some direct citizen and professional opinion in decisions.

But since we live in an autocratic demockery, we’re going to choke and fry in greedlock as the dominant suburban councillors will never restrict the mobile furnaces (aka the car).

Hamish Wilson


Davey should stick to food

as a restaurateur, i am open to

all sorts of criticism and digest them as such. What I am not open to is Steven Davey’s food-and-drink page turning into a gossip column of misinformation and half-truths (NOW, May 2-8).

Blatantly irresponsible of Mr. Davey — you betcha.

Stick to your food, Mr. Davey, or verify your facts. As far as pretentious, in this day in age I am shocked that you find Palm Pilots cutting-edge.

Is your cellphone still the size of a brick? Slam the food, wine, service, ambience, whatever you feel merits print, but keep the gossip where it belongs — to yourself.

Leslie Gibson

Co-owner, Xacutti

In support of queer talent

bravo, glenn sumi, for answer-

ing your own question, “Where Are All The Gay Comics?” with an article on talented heterosexual Tracy Dawson as Judy Garland (NOW, May 2-8). Good for you for doing your part in supporting local queer talent.

Lex Vaughn


What’s with Woody?

i can’t believe you put an

accused child molester on the cover of your latest issue (NOW, May 2-8). Who’s next, Roman Polanski?

Derrick Lee


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