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Prorogue rogues I'm astonished by the number.

Prorogue rogues

I’m astonished by the number of Conservatives who aren’t affronted by their leader’s prorogue actions (NOW, January 14-20).

Don’t they realize that the legality of this parliamentary procedure is not the point?

Both the left and right are appalled by the unvarnished contempt for Parliament that successive PMs have demonstrated too many times.

Unfortunately for Stephen Harper and his Christmastime parliamentary insouciance, the Canadian public has finally decided that this is one contemptible act too many.

Spend some time on the Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament Facebook page and you will see Cons, PCs, Libs, NDPers and even ex-Reformers railing against the PM.

Blown out of proportion by “half-wit Liberals?” Nearly 200,000 on that page think not.

Phil MacKintosh


Harper chicken on Senate

PM Stephen Harper is wrong to nominate only five senators, who are only going to give us Tories a plurality in the aptly named Red Chamber.

Brian Mulroney invoked a precedent by appointing eight additional senators so he could pass the GST into law. Perhaps Harper could use a little bit of a “baker’s dozen” here in the face of the fury he’s already facing from Libs and Dippers over prorogation anyway and take them all by surprise by nominating 13 senators.

We need a majority, Mr. Prime Minister! Seize the opportunity.

Jim Perry


Haiti heads up

Now’s your chance, Canada, to repair your (our) international image and take a lead in humanitarian efforts in Haiti!

Ian Smith


Gay village idiots

How dare you say that gays don’t support their own businesses? (NOW, January 14-20). It’s completely incorrect. I’m gay, my co-workers are gay, my friends are gay, and we all support Church Street.

The businesses that supposedly failed because they were not supported by local gays in fact failed because they were poorly managed, had legal issues and did not give back to the community.

Some businesses moved because the rents were too high, others were closed because of liquor violations. Mamma’s Shawarma is already renovating to reopen.

The office space above Sailor remains vacant, because who wants a retail space above street level?

It has a bit to do with the economy, but more to do with money-hungry Mississauga landlords gouging our charming Church Street businesses, not a lack of support from gay and lesbian patrons.

Derrick Branco


Where Church went wrong

There’s another side to the demise of Church Street: some establishments have done themselves in through their own greed and arrogance.

Woody’s used to have an operating kitchen that served brunch on weekends and lunch through the week, bringing in a large and loyal clientele. Then it decided to close the kitchen for good and expand the floor area of the bar.

When I asked one of the managers why Woody’s would do such a thing, I was rudely told that there was “no money in serving scrambled eggs.”

Church Street is a shadow of its former self, and the good times are over.

James Phillips


Disclosure shock

I was disappointed to read this week’s Web Jam criticizing Brett Bell and Chris Tindal for not disclosing their “political ties” on websites they are involved with (NOW, January 14-20).

Why would you put a higher expectation on website creators than we do on news reporters, editors, producers, columnists, etc?

I’m friends with both Chris and Brett, and think both of their websites contribute greatly to our upcoming election. We should applaud their multi-partisan approach.

As for the negative comments describing Chris as not being worthy of political engagement, let me just say that is shockingly poor journalism for NOW. Your anti-Green bias doesn’t require disclosure. It shines right through.

Dave Meslin


John Tory gets a life

NOW, to the best of my knowledge, was never a John Tory supporter. I am puzzled that you would continue to question the guy’s motives (NOW, January 14-20). He obviously saw Toronto was in safe hands with George Smitherman and Adam Giambrone and got on with his life. So should you.

Richard Kadziewicz


Giambrone, for the record

Regarding Straight Goods (NOW, January 7-13). For the record, the Adam Giambrone who “runs” my constituency is just another ineffective, self-serving narcissist who can’t even keep the garbage off the stretches of College and Dundas under his watch because he’s too busy watching people watch him.

The guy’s out of it, and time shall reveal his unnatural self-absorption. What a great year 2010 shall be.

Martina Gail


The digit in digital

Thumbs up for Down On Digital (NOW, January 7-13). Don’t mean to be negative – still, every time I try to take a photo of my thumb, relatives and scenery get in the way.

I’m starting to freeze. Must go throw another analog on the fire.

Martin Baker


Que Sera Cera

I saw the review of Michael Cera’s latest movie, Youth In Revolt (NOW, Jan 7-13).

He’s played the same character in everything he’s done. Juno was good because of Ellen Page.

As far as I’m not concerned, Cera should get a tattoo, do some stage work, get in a fight with three-fourths of the Jonas brothers, get scarred, go into rehab for some surprising, offbeat addiction and then come back when he has seriously trodden the boards.

He is overdone now. Let’s move on to someone else.

AK Rhodes


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