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Rating: NNNNNif there's anything that irks memore than a bad review, it's a letter written by a rabid fan trying.

Rating: NNNNN

if there’s anything that irks memore than a bad review, it’s a letter written by a rabid fan trying to respond to the critic. That said, as a health-care professional I am concerned about the amount of bile spewed forth by reviewer Tim Perlich (NOW, December 7-13). I wasn’t expecting an open-minded and fair review, but, holy bitterness, Batman! Perlich displayed his investigative journalism skills by finding the one mention of the words “New York” in PJ’s lyrics to label the album her “New York album.” He furthers his insightful expose of the music business by attacking PJ’s motives for her Toronto show. Imagine the nerve of a musician going on tour to promote a new album. Shocking! I don’t suppose Perlich’s negativity stems from the fact that he seems to be the only music journalist on the face of the planet who hasn’t managed to secure an interview with Harvey, does it? Nah. That would be a bitter, jaded perspective on events.WENDE WOOD



it’s too bad you have to print those letters whining about Tim Perlich. I am so tired of reading them. I also don’t want to read what Alanis Morrisette thinks of a concert (NOW, December 7-13), especially if the best she can come up with is “Lovely.”Unfortunately, against my better instincts I stubbornly went, ticketless, to the “sold-out” PJ Harvey concert.

Perlich is the only critic in Toronto I take much notice of. If he weren’t in NOW, I’d stop reading it altogether. ANDREINA GREGANTI



i am writing this letter to in-form the community about the increasing police targeting of young men of colour.Last night, my son came home and informed me that he was arrested by the police as a suspect in a car theft.

My son was told that he resembled the suspect — being a tall black male wearing a black hat — and was asked to remove his hat.

Although the suspect had braids, and my son does not, they detained him. Once he was identified as the “perpetrator,” the officers stopped answering his questions and told him to accompany them to the mall security office.

Upon entering the security office, he was questioned for an hour, read back his statement and then arrested for robbery.

He was handcuffed and taken to the local police station.

There, they asked him the same questions they had asked at the mall. They strip-searched him and searched his clothing — I guess they were looking for the car in the seams of his coat.

They then took him to an interrogation room.

After referring to him as a liar, they threatened physical violence to “help” him remember who may have seen him on the night in question. Once they were able to get in touch with someone who could confirm his whereabouts, they told him he was free to go.

What if they had not been able to confirm his whereabouts? Would that have made him guilty?

My son was released and told to “watch his step.” He was not given an apology.

It infuriates me to realize that my son will constantly be looking over his shoulder for fear of further police targeting.

How many other mothers of young black men in this city lie awake at night, afraid of the violence and harassment that their sons face each time they step out the door? Name withheld by request Toronto

many ndp members across thecountry are dismayed by federal leader Alexa McDonough, who says she rejects a shift to the left to rebuild the party and by Ontario leader Howard Hampton, who says there’s nothing wrong with the party’s message.The steering committee of the NDP socialist caucus, representing hundreds of New Democrats, fully supports the call by Canadian Auto Workers president Buzz Hargrove for a task force on the future of the NDP and a new party manifesto.

We offer the Manifesto For A Socialist Canada, the socialist caucus platform, as a contribution to that discussion.

Clearly, both a change of policy direction and a change of leadership are necessary to rescue the NDP from its disastrous course of adaptation to the global business agenda.

At least one party, firmly on the left, linked to the labour movement and fighting to abrogate the corporate “free trade” deals is needed in this country.BARRY WEISLEDER Co-Chair, NDP Socialist Caucusin order to ensure that nowmagazine prints this letter, I’d like to add the following words: condom, gay, drugs, vagina, corrupt police, cross-dresser, independent punk band, penis, racist, NDP, Asian fusion, lesbian, homeless, gallery opening, veganism, rave, heroin chic, sex, Mike Harris, thong panties, DJ and anti-Semite. If there’s anything I forgot, let me know.MITCHELL CUTLER Torontoi just about fell out of my chair when I saw the ad on page 41 (NOW, (December 14-20). It advertises a restaurant with a picture of a circus elephant, all dressed up, balancing on a stool, with his slimy “trainer” smiling away. The headline reads: “Who Said Fine Dining Can’t Be Fun?”This made me sick. At first I thought it must be a joke. This poor, pathetic animal is supposed to portray “fun?” How can anyone be so insensitive? Who thought this one up?

The idea of dressing up wild animals, keeping them restrained, tortured and humiliated and teaching them little tricks for the amusement of stupid humans is repugnant.LISE FERGUSON



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