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Rating: NNNNNi am appalled at the record-of-the-year and top-10 lists (NOW, December 28-January 3). There's just way more listenable albums.

Rating: NNNNN

i am appalled at the record-of-the-year and top-10 lists (NOW, December 28-January 3). There’s just way more listenable albums than Outkast’s Stankonia. As for Eminem appearing in the top 10, this would have been fine for another time of year, but as we all know, we’re far from April Fool’s Day.ALEX QUERO

Torontowe applaud now for reportingon police helicopters (NOW, December 21-27). However, in both stories NOW published on this issue, you have supplied the police hotline phone number. This surprises me. You received letters after the first story pointing out that the police do not staff the helicopter phone line and can’t be trusted with complaints. Why, then, do you continue to print their number? Citizens opposed to police helicopters need to phone, write, fax, e-mail and meet in person with their city councillors. They also need to call the city auditor, who is reporting on this issue to council, at 392-3712. People need to act now, as council will decide on the choppers early in the new year.HELEN ARMSTRONG

Stop the Police Helicoptersi would caution against the use of the study by the “Natural Resources Defences Council,” as its inclusion in the article would suggest that the air ambulance service helicopters also impose a “health risk.”Currently, Ministry of Health helicopters must access Sunnybrook Hospital using a flight path over residential areas where a significant number of senior residents live. Seniors might be more at risk of “sleep disruption and hypertension to compromised cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal functions.”

If the NIMBY attitude toward this police vehicle is extended to include any noise complaints, then I suggest that those who complain think seriously about how patients in a critical- care situation will be promptly transported to appropriate care.IAN BYERS


Let’s hear it for pope i am very sorry to say, afterreading an article and a news report, that I believe your magazine is anti-Catholic. In Anthony Majanlahti’s article about seeing two males kissing in Rome (NOW, December 21-27), he goes on to complain about the Catholic Church. Also, I have heard that NOW Magazine has a problem with Pope John Paul II visiting Toronto in 2002 for World Youth Day.Pope John Paul II has never delivered a message of hate toward anybody, let alone those who are homosexual. He has acted as one who calls these people back to the Church, but not without practising chastity, as all Catholics are supposed to practise.

If you want to throw stones, what about the behaviour of homosexuals who chose to parade through Rome as Catholics were celebrating 2000 years of Christ’s entering into the world by taking on a human nature? And finally, God bless Toronto if the pope is able to visit you there in 2002.AL BARCAS

Chicagoholy marxism, batman! the goodburgers of our lovely megacity should know that Comrade Barry Weisleder (NOW, December 28-January 3) and his small band of ideologically correct “Socialist Caucus” pals in no way represent the majority of the people in the NDP (like myself) who still call ourselves socialists.I, too, am fed up with Alexa and the federal party (and I loved the piece NOW did on Alexa ). The federal party’s problems, in my opinion, lie with its complete lack of connection to the wide variety of grassroots organizations in Canada committed to fighting unfettered capitalism. The party needs to remake itself in a big way, but the circa-1940s solutions of the Socialist Caucus only serve to discredit the movement to reform the NDP. Thanks, but no thanks, Barry! JOHN RICHMOND

Etobicoke-Lakeshore NDP Executive

dear santa! you fat fuck! once

again you’ve somehow managed to translate Lincoln Towne Car into the absurd. Last year it was Bruce the Spruce singing fucking Christmas tree, complete with flashing eyes and moving mouth, that sounded like a goddamn Mexican hat dance clapper. Well, this year you outdid yourself, asshole. Despite having been a good little boy all year — without a single court appearance, may I add — I go to bed Christmas Eve with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head only to awaken to what? Wiggling Willie the singing motherfucking fish! The very next time this aquatic misfit starts with the I Don’t Know Why I Love You But I Do ditty, it will be filleted and into the frying pan in less time than it takes you to slide down a one-storey bungalow in Scarborough.

Correct me if I’m wrong, blubber gut, but I seriously doubt that Al Palladini sells singing fish. Cars, lard breath!

P.S. If there’s been an administrative error and my car is actually coming on Ukrainian Christmas, January 7, please disregard the above. If not, watch your back, polar bear breath!BILL MOLASKI


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