Letters to the editor: Conservatives’ conversion therapy stand puts young lives at risk


Party’s conversion therapy platform divides families

Re The Conservatives Want to Abandon Trans Children (NOW Online, September 13)

Kudos to Florence Ashley. They have accurately portrayed an important distinction in party platforms that would serve to divide communities, tear apart families and, most importantly, put trans and non-binary youth at significantly higher risk.

These youth are already at extreme risk for depression, anxiety, self-harm and suicide because of the constant transphobia and exclusion they face in the broader society. This is exacerbated by the lack of understanding and support many experience from their families. Ontario’s TransPulse study found that trans youth who did not have highly supportive families were 14 times more likely to attempt suicide within a year.

Family support and access to gender transition support programs are the most critical protective factors that lead to healthy outcomes for trans and non-binary youth. Communities must rally to say no to all conversion therapy aimed at sexual orientation, gender identity and/or gender expression. Young lives are on the line.

Lorraine GaleFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

People’s party libertarianism a cover for extremists

Re O’Toole’s Dog Whistles Are No Match For Bernier’s Alpo (NOW Online, September 8)

Maxime Bernier calls himself a libertarian while surrounding himself with White Nationalists, Christian fascists, Hindu extremists and other wackos who would deny abortion rights or a woman’s right to wear a niqab. The PPC voter is the one who finds the Conservative party too moderate. Now that is crazy and pathetic!


Green party’s questionable politics

Re 10 Toronto Ridings To Watch (NOW Online, September 15) You write that Green party leader Annamie Paul “failed to condemn charges of anti-Semitism made by her senior advisor against Green MPs Jenica Atwin and Paul Manly.” Even more important is that she failed to repudiate the advisor’s pledge to work to defeat those MPs — then two-thirds of the Green party’s caucus. This demonstrates a lack of judgment, as well as questionable politics.


O’Toole’s cuddly theatrics a new low

Letter-writer Helen Griffin pinpoints Erin O’Toole’s hypocrisy when she says a vote for the Conservative party would end the Liberals’ “woke” agenda (NOW Online, September 12). Griffin reveals the nature of the Conservative base. It’s not what the party actually “says” but the dog whistle that she is obviously registering. O’Toole’s animal-cuddling message is a new low in theatrical politics, beyond kissing babies.

John Constantino From NOWTORONTO.COM

City ignoring danger of cars in bike lanes

Re Cyclist’s Death Exposes Hazards Of “Pinch Points” In Bike Network (NOW Online, September 14) I have taken more than 500 photos in the last year alone of vehicles parked in bike lanes especially on major roads in the downtown core. Several times I have seen parking enforcement officers in the vicinity, only ignoring the hazard while cyclists were dodging cars parked in bike lanes.


Coliseum’s wartime past remembered

Re Hidden Toronto: CNE Coliseum (NOW Online, September 12) I’m enjoying your Hidden Toronto columns and their historical content. Perhaps this subject would make a good book? Your mention of the RCAF using the CNE Coliseum during the Second World War reminded me that my father told us that he had stayed at the CNE for a short period between signing up and being sent to CFB Clinton for training in radar. He said that he slept in the Horse Palace. He found it quite amusing.


Elvis Costello and The Jam part of CNE musical history

Besides the acts mentioned in your Hidden Toronto feature on the CNE Coliseum, I saw The Jam and Elvis Costello there in separate shows in the 1980s. Talk Talk was the opening act at one of the shows.

Frederick HarrisonFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Congrats, NOW

Re NOW Turns 40: Our Cover Story Hits And Misses (NOW Online, September 17) Congratulations on 40 to everyone at NOW. I incorporated the company for Michael Hollett and Alice Klein back in 1981. There is no way that is 40 years ago.

John WardToronto




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