Letters to the editor: Trudeau love, hate, and the Conservatives’ Trump playbook

What matters is real action on Indigenous issues

Re Trudeau’s Tofino Trip And The Age Of Manufactured Outrage (NOW Online, October 5).

I met Trudeau once and can’t say I liked him much, but the Libs got my vote because they earned it with their pandemic response. Action matters. And on the Indigenous file, there are many issues.

Yes, it was dumb and insulting to some Indigenous leaders that he wasn’t in Kamloops to take part in reconciliation ceremonies – the AFN leader being a dissenting voice. But it won’t matter if his cabinet takes real action on the Indigenous issues.

This was an excellent piece. I agree that journalism has become all about chasing anger, and that’s just not healthy for the country. More analysis like this would be great, and maybe we can stop calling people who disagree with us “psychos”.


His highness falls on his face

It’s so hard to root for his highness. He swaggers and smirks and doesn’t appear to care about Canadians as much as the world order.

Liberals are infamous for jumping all over their opponents. So, most people are happy to jeer when his highness falls on his face.


Rehashing Conservative grievances

Justin Trudeau wanted a mandate on managing the COVID crisis, which made sense given the divergent views on lockdowns, vaccine mandates, etc. When you look at Canada from a global perspective, the pandemic has been remarkably well managed, despite the media’s determined focus on small groups of screaming anti-vaxxers (witness the constant reprinting of pictures of protests that happened days or weeks ago, even in more “liberal” papers such as the Toronto Star).

The Liberals did not do enough during the election to tout their achievements. Instead, they fell into the trap of rehashing old Conservative grievances. But they have their mandate, so let’s move forward.

Louise Koepler From NOWTORONTO.COM

Poisonous personal attacks taking hold in Canada’s politics

It is quite scary how easy it is for some people to fall into the manufactured outrage of headlines and the Canadian Conservative party’s willingness to follow the American playbook.

I remember the fabricated outrage over Obama’s tan suit and Michele’s bare arms. Trump escalated hatred with an unending stream of poisonous personal attacks and this kind of politics is taking hold in our country. 

Are we at the stage that an opposition party has to become better at outrage building in order to win?

Brigit BallantyneFrom NOWTORONTO.COM 

As You Like It, or not

Re Cliff Cardinal Delivers A Radical Take On As You Like It (NOW Online, October 2).

I support what Cliff Cardinal said on stage. His Land Acknowledgment/Monologue is full of anger and emotion and comes from a place of truth. I wish the show lots of success. That being said, I take issue with the marketing of the play.

For those who didn’t comprehend Glenn Sumi’s review, this is not William Shakespeare’s As You Like It. This is Cliff Cardinal’s Radical Land Acknowledgment. Zero Shakespeare. I don’t understand why Crow’s didn’t just call it what it was, or some other radical title.

Imagine you bought tickets to a Kanye West concert. The lights go down. Kanye appears on stage and delivers a 90-minute monologue about Black History and slavery. And that’s the show.


The divine Lesley Hampton

Re Lesley Hampton Makes Indigenous Fashion That Anyone Can Wear (NOW, October 7-13).

I love both of the designs on your cover, but the blue dress Ms. Hampton is wearing is absolutely divine.

Christopher King From NOWTORONTO.COM

The best Netflix list yet

Re The 50 Best Movies In Canada On Netflix Right Now (NOW Online, October 1).

This is the best, clear-cut selection of movies I’ve ever come across. Well done.



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