Letters to the editor: Why the Conservatives keep losing in Ontario


Party of angry white males

Re Canada Election 2021: Trudeau Humbled, O’Toole The Big Loser In #Elxn44 (NOW Online, September 21).

The Cons keep putting up right-wing and Islamophobic candidates (ie: Steven Cotter in Nova Scotia and Linda Robinson in Beaches-East York). Then wonder why they don’t win Ontario and the GTA in particular. They are the party of the old, angry white Christian males – or new atheists, which is even worse!


Trudeau win may come back to bite

The “Fiberals” got their boy in again but this time it might bite them in the ass!


Trump “truthism” has infiltrated Canadian politics

Unfortunately, Rick Stacey’s response to the outcome of the federal election is sadly an example of the poisonous, preposterous and petty partisan politics radiating from the Republicans and right-wingers right-next-door in the United States.

The Conservative party in Canada started copying Republican dirty tricks to the point of importing Republican strategists to teach them how to do it. Social media and close cross-border ties have allowed U.S. right-wing propaganda and “truthism”, misinformation and disinformation to proliferate in Canada.

Trump empowered radicalism, right-wing irrationality and racism, which opened the door for conspiracy theory cults. We need to take a look at what toxic partisanship and propaganda have done to the U.S. They are imploding, so self-absorbed and wrapped up in their culture war they have become a dysfunctional society and have lost their position in the world. We do not want to go down that road.

Alberta’s Jason Kenney did go down that road. Now ICUs are dangerously overcrowded and understaffed. All because Conservatives didn’t want help from the Liberal government to do its job. Kenney endangered and sacrificed the health and well-being of Albertans and it didn’t help put Erin O’Toole in power.


Everything voters need to know about Kevin Vuong

Re Former Liberal Candidate In Spadina-Fort York Says He Will Not Step Down (NOW Online, September 22).

Kevin Vuong has made it abundantly clear that he is incapable of taking no for an answer. That tells me everything I need to know about him. This voter in Spadina-Fort York wants a by-election as soon as possible. 

Celeste Sansregret – From NOWTORONTO.COM

Rethinking Rechie Valdez’s historic win

Re Rechie Valdez Becomes First Filipino Woman Elected Mp In Canada (NOW Online, September 21) .

Valdez was parachuted into the riding after the previous MP more-or-less abandoned his post for months, never told anyone where he was going and left the Liberals in the lurch for more than a year. They brought in a candidate who rode in on an already-established Liberal regional stronghold, one that’s full of female MPs and has a long history of electing female mayors. And this is somehow evidence of “breaking the glass ceiling”?


On Meng’s release, Ottawa was a tool of U.S. foreign policy

Re Meng Wanzhou’s Admission Of Wrongdoing Not Noted In Major Chinese Outlets (NOW Online, September 25).

Sadly, no mainstream media is asking Canadian government officials to explain why they believed it was necessary to act as stooges for Washington’s policy to punish China for having commercial relations with Iran.

The first blow struck in the recent conflict between Ottawa and Beijing was Ottawa’s decision to arrest Meng Wanzhou. Her alleged crime: having dealings with an overseas bank in order to bypass illegal American sanctions on Iran, which Washington is trying to starve and crush. Outrageously, former U.S. President Donald Trump publicly mused about a plea bargain for Meng in exchange for a trade deal with China to his liking. 

Ottawa became a tool in a power play by the U.S., which led the People’s Republic of China to arrest two Canadians. China over-reacted with the arbitrary detention of the two Michaels, but the initial provocation was the totally unjustified arrest of Meng at the Vancouver airport by Canadian officials over two years ago.

The lesson here should be clear: Canada should stop being a lap dog of U.S. policy, from China to Venezuela to Eastern Europe and Israel.

Barry WeislederTORONTO

Sabre rattling will only make China more obstinate

The whole multi-year ordeal with the two Michaels with China has made it more clear that military threats from abroad likely won’t intimidate Chinese officials. If anything, foreign sabre rattling will only make China more obstinate.

Perhaps allied nations combining their resources to break their trade and investment with China would be more effective. Maybe such an alliance has already been covertly discussed but rejected due to the Chinese government’s economic and political leverage.

Frank Sterle Jr.From NOWTORONTO.COM

Bilal Baig makes big bang with Sort Of

Re Bilal Baig Is Ready For Their Close Up (NOW, September 23-30).

I know Bilal Baig is a gifted and courageous writer and have enjoyed great conversations with them around social issues and creativity. Bilal has come up with a great premise for a TV show, which is timely. The team around them is also top-class. Grey Powell is one of our best, too. I’m already a fan.


Love and Little India

I look forward to watching Sort Of. I finally paid a visit to Toronto’s Little India neighbourhood this summer after living in Toronto for a long time (I know, I know). I loved the “bustling, brightly lit urban street” that is Gerrard.

George Perry From NOWTORONTO.COM

Park encampment “debris” cleared by city was people’s homes

Re City Spent $2 Million Clearing Homeless Encampments (NOW Online, September 18).

It’s rather callous for the city to describe the removal of “30 metric tonnes of debris” from park encampments. Much of that must have been people’s tents, beds, cooking utensils etc, that they were using until they were evicted.


Silver Dollar memories worth of a novel

Re A First Look Inside The Rebuilt Silver Dollar (NOW Online, September 18).

I hung out at the Silver Dollar in the 1960s when the music was whatever the strippers wanted and whatever the drunk jazz band could play. The room was an exceptionally seedy version of a classy 50s nightclub. So glad they saved the murals and the bar area. We used to sit next to the stage. The raised platform and the iron railings would provide a little extra cover if we tilted our table up when a fight broke out. It would take a novelist to describe the characters who were the regulars there and the poor dancers who finished their careers in that bar.





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