Lifting lockdown now would be a big mistake

Plus, making Doug Ford out to be the bad guy, booze in 7-Eleven and how Netflix can save Canadian television in reader mail this week

New COVID variants proving lethal

I totally support Eileen De Villa’s call for the province to postpone the lifting of the lockdown for another two weeks (NOW Online, February 17). The new COVID-19 variants can be lethal. We are already seeing people suffering for months after they have contracted the virus. I am not unsympathetic to businesses, but human life should be paramount to all else.

Valerie Packota – From NOWTORONTO.COM

How is Doug Ford the bad guy?

Re Op-ed: Ford’s COVID Negligence Borders On Criminal (NOW Online, February 16). Ford locks down the province as the health experts recommend but he is negligent? He calls out the thousands of people who partied and spread the virus and is killing people to this very day, but he is the bad guy? I don’t see much difference in how Ontario has handled what has happened in long-term care facilities compared to other jurisdictions, except in neighbouring New York state where COVID positive patients were put in old folks homes. Now that might be criminal.


Multi-child families raise school COVID risks

Re COVID: Ontario reports 904 New Cases (NOW Online, February 16). It’s beyond me why the education of kids is not continuing at home. Models showing schools not spreading the virus only exist in someone’s dream world. The reality is that kids and school staff are unable to stay away from each other, and many kids are in multi-child families.


City’s less fortunate require our attention

Re Higher Tax On Luxury Home Sales Would Ease Housing Crisis (NOW Online, February 17). The city should raise land transfer taxes on luxury homes. Let us be honest, those who can afford to buy $2 million homes are not hurting. We have a good city. Building affordable housing and caring for the less fortunate require our attention.

Leonie BreezeFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Are Ford cronies behind booze in 7-Eleven?

Re 7-Eleven applying for in-store alcohol service in Ontario (NOW Online, February 17). Doug Ford secretly went to 7-Eleven corporate HQ in Texas last year. How many of his cronies own a franchise? Dougie is supposed to be a teetotaller but keeps pushing alcohol on the public. Having bars in convenience stores is a good plan to increase alcoholism, and give police and others more practice in breaking up fights, etc. It would be educational for children buying chocolate bars, too.


Wayne Scott inspired respect

Re In Memoriam: Cycling Advocate Wayne Scott (NOW Online, February 14). I have known Wayne for many years, and all I can add to this article is that it is a very accurate and inspiring tribute.


A tenacious fighter who made a difference

I was married to a bike courier for many years and Wayne Scott’s advocacy made an actual difference in our lives. He was a tenacious, justice-seeking fighter. RIP and thank you, Wayne.

Rebecca NorlockFrom NOWTORONTO.COM

Can Netflix save Canadian television?

Re Netflix Is Opening An Office In Canada (NOW Online, February 13). Maybe Netflix could take over and continue some of the outstanding series the CBC developed and then cancelled much too soon. Bomb Girls, Strange Empire and Trickster are a few that come to mind. I’m still grieving for them.

Hildi Richardson – From NOWTORONTO.COM

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