Missing and murdered: whose land is it, anyway?

Plus, Dora awards show clarification, Stones disappointment and keeping hate away from Pride in Letters To The Editor this week

Genocide rewind

Regarding Genocide Cover-up by Pamela Palmater (NOW, June 27-July 3). 

Despite the predations of Robert Pickton, the majority of the murdered and missing Indigenous women and girls were murdered by members of their own communities. It was femicide, not genocide. 

Edward Zile, Toronto

No need for an apology, Canada

Regarding Jesse Wente On The Mainstream Media’s Odious Defence Of Genocide (NOW, June 27-July 3). 

Whose land is it? 

This great country is home to every ethnicity who populate the earth. 

As a Canadian, I feel I can walk this land from coast to coast to coast as a proud citizen who respects all other citizens who treat me with respect and civility. I refuse to offer more rights to one group over another and will not tolerate hatred against other Canadians for any reason. 

We believe in Canada and do not apologize for anything in our love of country.

J. Keith, From nowtoronto.com

Who’s really ruining peace in Israel?

I am very upset that you would publish Ted Turner’s letter calling on the Raptors not to visit Israel should they be invited (NOW June 27-July 3).

The fact is that Israelis and Arabs actually do coexist and live side by side there. It’s really just the actions of a small group of radicalized political agitators who are ruining the peace.

Perhaps because we are standing on Indigenous land we should deal with our own nation’s oppression. 

Kim Dubowitz, Toronto

Thanks for update on Raptors travel plans 

As a long-time Raptors fan, it’s good to know that letter-writer Ted Turner is trolling something called the Jewish Telegraph Agency to keep all of us Raptor fans up-to-date on their post-season travel plans. He seems somewhat upset that Israel might be included on the team’s itinerary. Who knew? 

I’m guessing Turner is not an NFL fan or he’d be really horrified to learn that 15 current members of the Super Bowl champions New England Patriots (including Super Bowl MVP and Jewish guy Julian Edelman) plus several Patriots alumni are currently in Israel on their third trip, where they will be touring and holding football camps. 

David Honigsberg, Toronto

Dora awards show clarification 

Regarding Steve Fisher’s review of the Dora awards ceremony (NOW Online, June 26). My words are being taken out of context. 

As I received my award on Tuesday night, I very clearly lamented the historic and systemic exclusion and erasure of queer, trans, Black and Indigenous artists, communities and stories of colour. 

My comments were not in reference to the date of the awards or the absent recipients.

Augusto Bitter, From nowtoronto.com

Stones venue a disappointment

Regarding Max Mertens’s review of the Rolling Stones’ Canada Day show (NOW Online, June 30). 

First, the Stones were awesome. The venue, however, was a huge disappointment. 

Any concert will have issues, but getting in an out was not the problem. The problem was the $875 VIP seats that had absolutely no view of the stage despite “access to secluded areas.” 

The general admission ticket holders had a better view. I am not sure who set up the venue but they failed. VIP ticket purchasers deserve compensation for this debacle. 

I could not see the performers. They were literally less than an inch tall. No exaggeration. 

The person sitting next to me did not purchase VIP and paid around $300 less for their ticket. Why is that? 

Shae Thompson, From nowtoronto.com

Keeping hate away from Pride

Pride executive director Olivia Nuamah says that Pride and Toronto police increased security measures to keep people safe at this year’s festivities. 

With little support from Pride marshals or Toronto police presence, a large, active and organized community support team of about 50 queer activists came together on Friday and Saturday to ensure marchers in the trans and dyke marches were not exposed to the hatred or violence following incidents at Hamilton Pride. 

Community activists identified a handful of fascists just ahead of Friday night’s march and escorted them to subway stations and away from the area. We drowned out religious right megaphones and placards with community noisemakers and banners at both marches, and many marchers happily pitched in to help. 

On Saturday, many trans and queer anti-fascist activists kept a couple dozen violent fascists away from Masjid Toronto (the mosque on Dundas), onto which the fascists unsuccessfully attempted to march, and followed them into the Eaton Centre after the fascists announced they were heading to Church Street, where the dyke march was just finishing. 

Our community activists ably kept that hatred away from the march, but the institution of policing once again clearly demonstrates why they are not welcome to celebrate with us in Pride events. 

Gary Kinsman, YC Lee,

Freddie S.E. Arps,

Nick Mule, Jocelyn Piercy


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