Shining a positive light on Scarborough

Plus, cops give anti-maskers a pass, more bike lanes on Yonge (maybe) and leveling the playing field in real estate in reader mail this week

Scarborough fair

Thank you so much for shining a positive light on Scarborough (NOW, March 25-31)). I have always told people that we have the most green space, the best restaurants and the Bluffs! It’s a great part of the city to live with wonderful programs, schools and good neighbours. Keep these types of articles coming!


Cops not busting anti-mask protestors

Why are we giving an an armed police escort to super spreader, anti-mask protests?

Gangs of maskless protesters are invading the narrow streets of small communities like Kensington Market and screaming at people. The police stand by the dozens while these protestors spread COVID throughout the city. This must be stopped. An investigation is required.

Chris Mcdonald – TORONTO

COVID exacerbates TB crisis

While governments have taken action to stop COVID-19, there’s also an international crisis of Tuberculosis that’s being exacerbated by the pandemic. 

TB remains of primary concern, especially in Indigenous populations in Canada where the Inuit are 300 times more likely to be infected with the bacteria. 

In 2019, 10 million people fell ill with the disease and 1.4 million people died, some 230,000 of those children. It’s estimated that an additional half a million people with active TB died in 2020 due to the impacts of the  pandemic on timely diagnosis and treatment of TB.

Our commitment to create a society free of health inequalities commends us to fully deliver on commitments made to eradicate TB.

Farzad Fahimi Yeganeh – CHILLIWACK, BC

Wasting money on Trans Mountain

The Trans Mountain pipeline is costing taxpayers billions. According to recent reports by the federal government’s own agencies, the project will only turn a profit if Canada abandons its goal of reaching net-zero emissions by 2050. In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, with so many people in need, surely there are better uses for our public money. 

Back in February, the cost of the project jumped to nearly $13 billion. We need to put that money where it can do the most good – creating green jobs and helping communities.

Jeral Anderson-Pearce – From NOWTORONTO.COM

Yonge bike lane changes everything

This week, City council votes on a Yonge bike lane from Bloor to Davisville. The project’s a winner on many counts. Nine residents’ organizations, doctors and business leaders signed an open letter endorsing it. It would support local merchants by giving cyclists easier access to restaurants and stores.  Above all, it would knit together downtown and midtown, helping to create the city-wide network of safe streets so many of us have worked for.

Gideon Forman – TORONTO

Leveling the playing field in real estate

I recently sold my condo. I received two bids. My agent told the higher bidder that there was a second bid on my condo and that they needed to up their offer if they wanted the place. The lower bidder had no intention of upping their offer, but the higher bidder did not know that and offered 45K more. This is happening all the time. All bidders should know what’s on offer.

Ali Naqvi – From NOWTORONTO.COM · @nowtoronto

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