A close-up photo of cherry blossom leaves in High Park, Toronto

Turn the High Park cherry blossoms cam over to artists

NOW readers sound off on Doug Ford's pandemic police state, Joss Whedon's The Nevers and Toronto's BloomCam in this week's mail

Police have earned our trust?

Re: Toronto Police say they won’t use new powers to stop people

I am looking forward to seeing evidence that communities will be able to trust that the police will not abuse or misuse their position of power, and [officers] will be able to speak out when they are being ordered to do so by those in authority and rank above them or by their colleagues.


Doug Ford has his head in the sand

Re: Ontario modeling predicts 30,000 daily cases by May

Ford has failed to deal with the fact that there is a vaccine delay – because Canada does not produce any – and take appropriate actions to deal with the spread of the virus in the interim. Instead, he has his head in the sand. But, more disgustingly, it appears to be a conscious decision to ignore what he needs to do, which is not create a police state but get all people, such as workers who must interact with others daily, vaccinated.


On artists and ideals

Re: HBO’s The Nevers struggles with the legacy of creator Joss Whedon

I can only imagine the shock Norman Wilner experienced upon realizing that Joss Whedon “failed utterly to live up to the ideals of his work” in The Nevers. I remember when I first learned that artists whose work I admired might have feet of clay and morals of shit: I was 13. Did I thereafter, as Wilner seems to feel I should, “enjoy [their art] in the moment, only to be angry all over again” after it was over? Oddly no. I matured. I realized that humans are fallible and many – if not all – fail to live up to the ideals they, and others, may hold for themselves. Since, as he correctly notes, Whedon, “has not responded to the allegations” may I respectfully suggest that Wilner un-clutch his pearls, grow the fuck up, and concern himself with reviewing art, not gasping over gossip.


Let artists have a go at the High Park BloomCam

Re: Toronto to fence off High Park cherry blossoms

Let’s hope Tkaronto’s 2021 BloomCam livestream is more sophisticated than last year’s – more like this. Digital artistry has bloomed and blossomed in remarkable ways this past year. Put the bloom cam in the hands of artists so that all may enjoy a real and meaningful virtual experience of this glorious phenomenon


Corporate interests permeate India and North America

Re: Mo Dhaliwal on India’s “psychological warfare” in response to #AskIndiaWhy

It sounds like India’s governance may be increasingly turning into a South Asian version of the Western virtual corpocratic rule – big business and power interests come before individual and even national/mass-populace best interests. Generally, both American and Canadian governances commonly maintain thinly veiled yet firm ties to large corporations; it’s as though elected heads are meant to represent big money interests over those of the working citizenry and poor. (I believe it is basically why those powerful money interests generally resist proportional representation electoral systems of governance, which tends to dilute corporate lobbyist influence on consecutive governments.) Accordingly, major political decisions will normally foremost reflect what is in big business’ best interests. And don’t expect to hear this fact readily reported by the mainstream news media, which is concentrated corporate owned.

Frank Steele Jr., NOWTORONTO.COM

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  • Frank Sterle Jr. April 21, 2021 02:55 PM

    My name following my letter (“Corporate interests permeate India and North America”) has been misspelled. The correct spelling is Frank Sterle Jr.

  • Frank Sterle Jr. April 21, 2021 02:57 PM

    With all due respect to the law-enforcement majority who don’t abuse their position of power, I’ve been concerned about cases of law-enforcers behaving gratuitously aggressive with some civilians.

    The worst cases, however, seem to involve bullying law-enforcement in more extreme forms: e.g., law-enforcement units such as the intense and often-overkill emergency response teams. The most extreme of such law-enforcers storm into crime suspects’ homes, screaming, with fully-automatic machineguns or handguns drawn, at the homes’ occupants (to “face down!”), all of whom, including infants, can be permanently traumatized from the experience. And on some occasions, these ‘law-enforcers’ force their way into the wrong home, altogether. That’s potentially when open-fire can and does occur, followed by wrongful deaths to be ‘impartially investigated.’

    I’m led to believe that some of these (mostly male) people get into such fields of employment for the sheer power-trip of it all.

  • Phil Sutherland April 21, 2021 05:12 PM

    Last year the Toronto Bloom cam was handled by Artists (I am one of the two artists hired to do the Bloomcam in 2020 – Reanna Niceforo was the other) I am a Metis artist from the City working as a photographer and visual artist. Due to the fluid nature of the pandemic last year we had to work under extremely tight timelines to have a 24hr stream set up wirelessly in days working with youtube on the stream. This year Parks dept is handling the project and they chose to hire Earthcam an American corporation doing tourist cams around the world instead of directly supporting local artists like the Mayor did last year.

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