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ValentineĀ¹s Day inspires tricks to trigger passion

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with valentine’s day approach-ing, we remember that the heart is the centre of our universe, ruling all action and corrupting all logic.Love relates to the heart chakra, which in turn is linked to the thymus gland. This gland is responsible for producing white blood cells and strengthening the immune system. Spiritually, the immune system expresses self-love.

Those who cannot love themselves or another unconditionally need to strengthen this area and bring about healing.

HEALING THE HEART CHAKRAMake your body your sacred temple — it’s the only one you will have on this journey. If you cannot love all the lumps and bumps, start with a small part such as your little finger. Use pleasant-smelling oils and massage as an affirmation.Use the colour green to harmonize the heart. Wear the colour, or walk in nature.

Choose pink as the heart chakra colour, either by holding rose quartz crystals or wearing pink clothes or splashing pink around the house.

Choose to forgive someone who has hurt you in the past. Write a letter you should have sent, or visualize the person sitting near you and tell them how you feel. Remember to meet them at a place of their higher self.

PASSION PROMOTERSThe following are sexually stimulating herbs. Just pick one, but do not use if you have high blood pressure. Damiana, one capsule twice daily licorice root, one capsule twice daily ginseng, one capsule once daily gotu kola, two capsules twice daily chickweed, two capsules twice daily sarsaparilla, one capsule twice daily garlic, two capsules twice daily cayenne, one capsule twice daily on a full stomach.

Make your sweetheart a hot massage oil: 1/2 ounce jojoba oil, four drops of jasmine, two drops of rose, two drops of ginger, two drops of coriander.

Or try a love bath. Combine two drops of lavender, one drop of rose, three drops of ylang ylang, two drops of coriander oil.

LOVE SPELLSWear beth root around the neck. In order to forget a lost love, place bittersweet under your pillow. To prevent your mate from wandering, stuff some coriander in his/her pillow. When brewed into a tea or put into a bottle of wine, it stimulates the passions.A few grains of dill seed in the bath water make the one who bathes in it irresistible to the suitor desired most. When added to a drink, dill seed is considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

To find a mate, gather seven small stones and place them in a circle. In the middle, scatter a handful of rose petals and apple seeds. Place a lodestone in the middle and chant:

“Rose petals and apples/ dragons and stones/ draw nigh true love/ therefore I am no longer alone.

“Mist of the dragon/ breath of the night/ draw from the universe perfect love that is right.’

Margaret McNorton is a Toronto nutritional consultant and herbalist.

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