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BENEFITS OF WIND POWERGlobal wind energy potential: five times current global electricity useCost of wind energy to supply power to.


Global wind energy potential: five times current global electricity use

Cost of wind energy to supply power to an average home: $330 per year

Cost of a gas, oil, propane or electric furnace: $1,000

Amount of production from one turbine required to power 250 homes for a month: 2 hours

Cost of a typical off-grid wind turbine system: from $2,000 U.S.

Amount cost of wind power has declined in the last 20 years: 80 per cent

Amount prices are expected to drop by 2005: an additional 20 to 40 per cent

Other benefits of wind: renewable, quiet, no harmful emissions, little maintenance required

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Wind turns blades that convert energy to electricity, which then is used to supply power to homes. Backup generators and batteries store power for use when there’s no wind.


Height of wind turbine slated for Exhibition Place: 94 metres

Generating power: 750 kilowatts

Number of households that will be supplied: 250

Cost to purchase one share: $100

Number of purchase agreements made: 1,000 residential 2,000 industrial, commercial and institutional

Number of wind turbines eco-activists say could go on the waterfront: about 50

Number of projects in the works: 2

Amount one wind turbine will reduce carbon dioxide emissions in one year: 1.4 million kilograms


Total number of wind turbines in Canada: 243

Total megawatts of wind power generated in Canada: 140

Megawatts generated by world leader Germany: 6,200

Megawatts generated worldwide: 20,000

Rate wind power is growing yearly in the U.S.: 50 per cent

Rate wind power is growing yearly worldwide: 25 per cent

Rate wind power is growing yearly in Canada: 10 per cent

Percentage of Canada’s energy supplied by wind power: less than 1/10 of 1 per cent

Percentage experts say wind should be supplying in Canada: 20

Percentage the Canadian Wind Energy Association has set as a target by 2010: 5

Percentage the city of Toronto has set as a target: 25

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