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Rating: NNNNNt.o.'s olympic bid is history, but Mel's pre-Olympic "joke" about African cannibals will be coming back to haunt him.

Rating: NNNNN

t.o.’s olympic bid is history, but Mel’s pre-Olympic “joke” about African cannibals will be coming back to haunt him in a very bad way next week. That’s because approximately 50 organizations from the African, Caribbean, Chinese, South Asian and Latin American communities will be gathering outside City Hall at 5 pm on Tuesday (July 24) to demand the mayor’s resignation.”We want to make sure the pressure is kept up,” says Marie Clarke Walker, national diversity chair for CUPE.

Clarke Walker says she’s disappointed no city councillor has demanded Lastman’s resignation despite the fact the city’s code of conduct makes such comments punishable by dismissal. Clarke Walker has also written the chair of the Caribana Cultural Committee, Ken Jeffers, demanding that Lastman not be invited to this year’s Caribana.

At press time, the CCC board was meeting to decide what action to take on the request. Some of the organizations that have already agreed to sponsor the rally include the African Legal Clinic, the Congress of Black Women, the Jamaican Canadian Association, the Black Action Defence Committee, the Centre for Anti-Racist Action, the Latin Coalition Against Racism and the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI).

But OCASI’s Bassel Martin says his coalition won’t ask for the mayor’s resignation. “Each agency in OCASI has its own position on the issue,” he says.

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