Metrolinx to postpone cutting of historic trees at Toronto’s Osgoode Hall 

FILE-Green fabric is tied around trees at Osgoode Hall in Toronto on Friday February 3, 2023. The Law Society of Ontario says it will seek an injunction to stop Metrolinx from cutting down the 200+ year old trees on the grounds. (Courtesy: CP PHOTO/ Frank Gunn)

The axing of veteran trees at Toronto’s Osgoode Hall has been spared, after Metrolinx began the process on Saturday, and were met with protesters.

The trees were slated to be removed because they are blocking construction operations for an Ontario Line subway station near York University’s law school. They were scheduled to be taken down in Dec. 2022 but brought to a halt after outpours of public backlash. 

The Ontario Line is expected to cut commute times into the downtown core. It’s projected to be a 15.6 km line with 15 new stations along the Exhibition Place through to the Ontario Science Centre.

According to the Law Society of Ontario (LSO), Metrolinx is restrained from cutting the trees down until Feb. 10 at midnight, by way of an interim injunction granted by Ontario’s Superior Court on Saturday. 

Reasons behind the crown’s decision have not yet been revealed, however a new order of the court is necessary to push the axing any further. 

In a statement to Now Toronto, a Metrolinx spokesperson states their extensive dealings with the Law Society of Ontario.

“Metrolinx has been engaging with communities on this project for over two years. We met with the Law Society of Ontario 17 times prior to the start of work to avoid unnecessary delays that will cause significant financial consequences to taxpayers and commuters,” they said on Sunday.

“We look forward to resolving this matter quickly, getting this new subway built and serving nearly 400,000 passengers every day,” Metrolinx added.

Torontonians share mixed sentiments about the interim injunction.

The Ontario Line is expected to reach completion in 2031.

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