New Year’s Eve 2017 at It’s Not U It’s Me’s Farewell 2016 party: what’s the first resolution you’re going to break in 2017?

Pro tip: if you don't make any resolutions, you can't break any.

Heather Selmayer

Nic Pouliot

Heather Selmayer. “Going to the gym three times a week.”

Ben Alberts

Nic Pouliot

Ben Alberts: “Eating healthy.”

Kristel Jax and Tiffany Sin

Nic Pouliot

Kristel Jax and Tiffany Sin: “Staying warm.”

Torie Meyerowitz

Nic Pouliot

Torie Meyerowitz: “Never being late.”

Julia Song and Gabriel Valdivieso

Nic Pouliot

Julia Song: “Eating less chocolate.” Gabriel Valdivieso: “Going to the gym.”

Charlotte Potter

Nic Pouliot

Charlotte Potter: “Cant break any! I don’t make resolutions.” | @nowtoronto

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