HOT BOT When science.


When science meets beauty? Robot maker Le Trung with his female android friend, Aiko, Saturday, November 21, 3:45 pm, at the Ontario Science Centre’s Robot Games extravaganza.




The statement released on behalf of the family late Monday said former Jacksoul frontman Haydain Neale died “peacefully… on a beautiful, sunny morning” with his friends and family around him. A fitting departure for Neale, who family say always maintained a positive spirit while battling lung cancer these last seven months and before that while recovering from a coma following a tragic 2007 scooter accident. Wife Michaela says her husband continued to brighten his hospital room with singing and a smile to the end. R.I.P. Send messages of condolence at Read Benjamin Boles’s post here.


Enzo Di Matteo

How this deer ended up at Dundas and Edward remains a mystery. It may have come up through the Humber via the tracks leading to Union Station. A sign of urban sprawl in reverse? The animal tried to make a run for it after it was tranquilized but slipped on the wet pavement, where it was tasered and wrapped in a net before being taken away to be released back into the wild. Freaky. Check out the video.


Embarrassing to watch the Tories twisting in the wind over revelations by a former diplomat that Canadian Forces turned over detainees to Afghan authorities, despite torture concerns. Doing a laughable knock-?off of Commandant Klink – “I know nothing…” – Defence Minister Peter MacKay can’t hide the fact that Amnesty International has been after the feds on this file since 2005. A 2008 report concluded that mistreatment of civilians by Afghan authorities was “rampant and systemic.” Read the post.


This house behind St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church on Dundas East, officially 70 Pashler, is not your typical Regent Park two-storey. Built sometime shortly after the church was erected in 1910 and used as the rectory today, it’s a survivor from the days before the surrounding area was bulldozed to make way for Canada’s largest social housing experiment. Dig the farmhouse charm. The good news: it’s reportedly not part of massive redevelopment plans for Regent Park.

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