ICY TRIPPING The blur of winter hit the.


The blur of winter hit the waterfront with the official opening of outdoor rinks last weekend. For cool skates, there’s no beating the view from Harbourfront.




Sign companies were quick to the punch last week to whip up opposition to the city’s proposed fee on outdoor advertising. We spotted CBS Outdoor workers putting this one up at Kingston and Midland Friday ahead of this week’s council debate on the issue. The fee will raise about $11 million annually for arts and green projects. The staff report to city council suggests sign companies may have overstated potential financial losses from the tax. But at press time Council had still not made a decision.



Climate Justice activists stage a sit-in in the Whitby office of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty November 30, the third in a series of protests by the coalition in the lead-up to Copenhagen summit on climate change.


Have you heard the news? The recession’s over, owing to a laughably minuscule 0.1 per cent growth in GDP. Who are we kidding? The number is nowhere near the modest 1.3 per cent growth in GDP predicted by the Bank of Canada back in July or, for that matter, the 2.8 per cent growth logged by the U.S., and it’s supposed to be in worse shape than we are. The real kick in the gonads is the Bank of Canada prediction that our economy would be booming at 4 per cent growth early in 2010. The new buzzwords for the 21st-?century economy have entered the lexicon: “jobless recovery.”



What can we say about Waterfront Toronto’s plans for the foot of Sherbourne? We’re floored, as in a few too many storeys for our liking – 36, to be exact – in that Moshe Safdie Parkside tower that’ll anchor the site. Dig the living walls. But something more akin to Safdie’s Habitat project for 1967’s World Expo in Montreal would have been more to scale. Waterfront Toronto’s not guaranteeing that this first private sector development in East Bayfront will meet its target of 5 per cent low-end-of-the-market units.

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