MEMORIAL TO MONTREAL A sombre commemoration, 20.


A sombre commemoration, 20 years after the massacre that reminded a nation of the horror of violence against women, planted by Women Won’t Forget along Philosopher’s Walk, Sunday, December 6. The names on the makeshift tombstones are of women victims of violence.




The appearance on the Internet of emails hacked from the computers of the UK-based University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit has given strange fodder to the claims of global warming deniers that scientists are exaggerating the global warming threat. To what end, one wonders. The Guardian reports that the emails were first uploaded on a Russian computer. Ooh, scary. The smoking gun? The suggestion of a “trick” to fudge data in one email. In science, the word “trick” can be used to describe a shortcut, or mathematical quirk. But try telling that to Friends of Science, a denier group based in Calgary known for taking money from Big Oil. Sierra Club has asked the RCMP to investigate how the UK emails came into FoS’s possession. The greatest scandal in modern science? Yeah. And remote-controlled planes crashed into the Twin Towers.


This 1910 image of the historic Don station taken from Toronto’s Railway Heritage ( shows the depot at its original location by the Queen Street bridge. It’s preserved today at the Roundhouse. Our city’s relationship with the train wasn’t always romantic. The fight for precious waterfront land between city officials trying to preserve access to the lake and private rail companies interested in profits has been ongoing since the 19th century. Above: Toronto’s Railway Heritage, by Derek Boles



Talk about scary juxtapositions. This glass-encased nativity scene on the front lawn of Old City Hall has been attracting startled glances over its dedication to Campaign Life “soldier” Fr. Ted Colleton. Separation of church and state, anyone?



Fort York, the birthplace of Toronto, is set for an $18 million makeover. The shape of things to come: a new visitors centre. The design competition is down to five firms from 31. This concept, submitted anonymously, makes use of the shelter provided by the Gardiner to create a pedestrian promenade. The winner will be announced in January.


Number of names expected to be on the Homeless Memorial by year’s end. Social workers say the number does not capture the true devastation. As many as four homeless people may be dying on the street every week in Toronto, according to the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee. Happy holidays.

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