OLYMPIC SPIRIT Dozens of protesters from Toronto Extinguish.


Dozens of protesters from Toronto Extinguish the Torch tried to block the route of the Olympic torch relay as it blazed a path through T.O. on Thursday, December 17, on its way to the Winter Games in Vancouver. The police were reportedly into the spirit, strong-arming the more boisterous picketers. Read our coverage here.




Three dozen souls, including the Echo Women’s Choir and trio Heinz, Roger & Paul, braved the chilly temps at Parliament and Queen Thursday, December 17, to mark the 20th anniversary of the Rupert Hotel fire. One of the worst fires in the city’s history, it killed 10 people and sparked a call by housing activists for rooming house regs that have yet to be adopted citywide.



The luckiest Chinese number, code for Heil Hitler in white supremacists’ circles, is also the number of countries receiving Canadian military imports between 2003 and 06 (62 of those were nations at war, according to War Is Business, a new report of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade).



As holiday greetings go, we wonder what the PM is making in these hard times of Tory Senator Nancy Ruth’s year-end missive to supporters about her new cottage. “It will be lovely,” Ruth writes, with a washing machine, shower and dishwasher. “Oh joy!” The old three-bedroom cottage, Ruth reports, will become a guest cottage. And we’re all invited for two weeks over the summer.



A few months after signing a deal with Greenpeace pledging that 40 per cent of the fibre in its tissue products would come from recycled or FSC-approved wood, paper giant Kimberly-Clark has launched Cottonelle Ultra, a three-ply toilet paper made from 100 per cent “virgin wood fibres.” Samples were handed out to Christmas shoppers outside the Eaton Centre this week. Time for Greenpeace to restart that boycott?

What we have seen emerge in Copenhagen is a multi-generational coming together of the global justice movement with the environmental movement that is the most profound challenge to the status quo since the 60s.”

Rabble-rouser Judy Rebick expresses high hopes for COP15

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