No Frills' shoplifting racket

How accidentally eating a chocolate bar without paying got me in a $500 fix



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Civil Recovery Letters.

Your story matches my friend's experience this weekend. She anticipates "The Letter" this week. She will not be paying. She WANTS to go to court. I doubt they will allow that. If this were to get into a court room they would be sent the way of those bogus tickets parking lots used to hand out.
My friend spends between 4 and 5 thousand dollars a year in that store. The lovely "security" guard banned her from the store for life. For accidentally forgetting a 5 dollar bottle of Advil that she was quite willing to pay for. So No Frills wants to throw away the business she brings along with all of us who are her friends. We will all be choosing new stores.
This outrageous practice must be stopped, however, an aside. Small claims Court can tell you to pay but they can't make you. The company will still have to go to collection. Just keep saying no and eventually they will give uo!!

Julie Gibson DiMarco more than 1 year ago

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