No more (federal) tax on tampons starting Canada Day

Aunt Flow will cost less starting Canada Day.

After five months of petitioning, the Canadian Menstruators were successful in convincing the federal government to stop taxing menstruation products. The motion to end this tax passed unanimously in the House of Commons.

“It was a lot of work,” says Jill Piebiak, spokesperson for the Canadian Menstruators, “But it’s great because [menstruation products] will be a little more accessible for those in financial need.”

This change will cost the federal government between $33 million and 36 million per year (therefore saving menstruating Canadians that much, as a group).

The campaign received more than 10,000 hard copy signatures and reached more than 74,000 online supporters, giving the group a lot to work with when presenting their petition to the government. Though the NDP showed support immediately, the group didn’t know how their campaign was going to ultimately play out. They were prepared to make it an election issue if the motion did not pass sooner.

“There had been a lot of support. Tampon Tax was even trending on Twitter,” Piebiak says.  

The Canadian Menstruators started as a group of friends who saw a problem that wanted to fix it. Piebiak says they aren’t a formal organization yet, and they aren’t sure if there are any other issues they are looking to pursue at this time.

On a more poetic note, on May 28 when it was announced that these taxes would be rescinded, it just happened to be Global Menstruation Health Day. | @nowtoronto

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