No power to decide if Mel broke election law

Rating: NNNNNNo power to decide if Mel broke election lawMEL WATCHWhy isn't it surprising that the city can't enforce the.

Rating: NNNNN

No power to decide if Mel broke election law


Why isn’t it surprising that the city can’t enforce the Tories’ Municipal Elections Act?

A case in point is former Mel aide and probable council candidate Sheila White’s request that city clerk Novina Wong look into the legality of the mayor’s recent pre-election powwow with strategists at the Metro Convention Centre.

White charged that this kind of support contravenes the act since the mayor — the big tease — isn’t registered as a candidate. Yet.

Wong’s response? Sorry, the act doesn’t empower me to investigate.

In fact, according to director of elections John Hollins, the city’s not even sure what part of the act would apply or who would be responsible for enforcing it.

“It’s rather disturbing that it’s up to a citizen to ensure that the provincial act is enforced,’ says White.

The mayor’s rep, Jim Warren, shrugs at the charges.

“I wasn’t at the meeting, and no one has mentioned it or complained to me,’ he says. SA

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