People shot fireworks into the crowds at Woodbine Beach

People shooting fireworks at each other at Woodbine Beach as crowds disperse
Twitter / @markjaine

The fireworks got dangerously out of hand at Woodbine Beach on Monday night. Video footage uploaded to social media shows people shooting roman candles at each other and at crowds on the Victoria Day holiday.

Twitter user Mark Jaine uploaded a video from the bike trail along Lake Shore East just west of Woodbine. In it, roman candles are being fired between two groups. At the midway point two men then chase after two others while firing roman candles, forcing people nearby to scatter. Judging by the light, the video was likely taken between between 9-9:30 pm.

In a drone video uploaded to TikTok, which according to user @theinstachopper was taken at 9:15 pm, an aerial shot of Woodbine Beach shows fireworks being shot into a crowd of people near the bathrooms. The crowds run after the first bright burst was shot into the middle of the crowd. The video also shows fireworks being fired underneath cars in the parking lot. According to text in the TikTok video, officers on scene did not intervene.


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“Over the weekend officers responded to extremely large crowds in the Woodbine Beach area,” Toronto Police communications manager Connie Osborne told NOW. “Due to the hostility and size of the crowds, officers had to use their discretion at the time and take into account the safety of themselves, those in attendance and the wider public.”

These incidents cap a long weekend of disorderly behaviour at Woodbine Beach, which left piles of garbage and fireworks remnants strewn around the area. Councilor Brad Bradford issued a statement on Monday regarding the littering.

“I just don’t know what world these individuals are living in,” Bradford wrote, “where they think its acceptable to dump their trash and empties in a public park or beach.”

On social media, Beach residents complained about both the trash and the dangerous behaviour. One resident reported that a group shot fireworks into the protected fox enclosure along the boardwalk.

According to Osborne, Toronto police called for extra units at approximately 9 pm Sunday to deal with large crowds setting off fireworks and setting a garbage receptacle on fire.

“Several fires were extinguished, and officers managed to disperse the crowd,” says Osborne. “One arrest was made while several Highway Traffic Act charges were also laid.”

Osborne adds that on Monday around 2:30 pm officers responded to crowds setting off fireworks.

“One person was taken to hospital after being struck by a firework,” says Osborne. “While another person received medical attention after a firework hit their leg. Garbage was also reportedly set on fire.”


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