Pill-popping Michael Cera on Islands

Straight-laced actor Michael Cera sees stars in trippy Islands video

Have you ever wondered what soft-spoken Brampton native Michael Cera would act like while high? Fantasize no longer, because a new music video gives us three minutes of Cera tripping out.

The No You Don’t video from indie rock darlings Islands (from Montreal) features Cera downing a trio of pills and then sweating his way through a non-descript city…all the while, sporting a Winnipeg shriners jacket.

Our favourite moments? First seeing Cera with face glitter at 1:41, a new look for the straight-laced actor. And make sure you pay attention at 2:29 to catch Cera sporting some 80s-era shades as he looks on his own face with morbid horror.

Judging by Cera’s overdosing character in the video, and Youth in Revolt‘s half-hearted attempt to show the actor’s dark side, could this be a sign of things to come? It’s easy for actors to get typecast, but one way to break out of certain moulds is to do the little roles – get fucked up in a music video here, style your hair like a guido there…all he needs is an infidelity or two now.

Have to admit, seeing George-Michael Bluth trip out like he’s on an ecstasy-acid combo-trip is somewhat disconcerting at first but it’s a lot better than seeing Cera go through the same routine of awkward conversations, half-hearted shrugs and wearing short-shorts.


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