Snoop sniffs out Choclair

Rating: NNNNNIt's been a busy year for Snoop, but his opening act, Toronto's Choclair, has had a pretty decent one,.

Rating: NNNNN

It’s been a busy year for Snoop, but his opening act, Toronto’s Choclair, has had a pretty decent one, too. “I put out one of the best records I’ve done. We’ve been doing tours and parties. It’s been a busy year, really crazy,” he tells me over the phone, days before before embarking on the Canadian leg of Snoop’s tour, and he’s also loving his independence, professing, “I’m the guy in charge now. It’s good to be the one cutting the Christmas bonuses.”

But how did Choclair hook up with Snoop?

“The first time I met him was at the Up In Smoke tour in Toronto. We talked for a minute – he recognized me from the Let’s Ride video and gave me his card – but I thought it was just a cool meeting, nothing more. Then I was doing a song with Kurupt – this was before the problems they seem to have now,” he says, in reference to Kurupt’s re-signing with Snoop’s arch-nemesis at Tha Row.

“I got to meet him again. Then we did a show with him in Calgary and a show with him in Ottawa, and he said, -I thought I told you I’d mess with you! Hit me up!’

So when they offered me as an opener, I don’t think it was a hard sell.”

Snoop’s answer when I ask him about Choclair is a succinctly respectful “He cool.”

So will Blake Savage be smoking a blunt with Snoop in an attempt to get him back into the wild, sweet world of doobies?

“If it’s there, I won’t say no,” says Choclair.

Unfortunately, the Doggfather doesn’t even eat weed any more, much less smoke it. It’s probably even more flattering that Snoop wasn’t high but still wants to mess with Canada’s most visible independent rapper.

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