Stockwell Day didn’t get Shania’s approval

Rating: NNNNNStockwell Day didn't get Shania's approvalPOLITICSStockwell Day may want to rock this country, but he'll need Shania Twain's permission.

Rating: NNNNN

Stockwell Day didn’t get Shania’s approval


Stockwell Day may want to rock this country, but he’ll need Shania Twain’s permission first.

The Canadian Alliance party leadership hopeful has been playing the sultry singer’s song — no, not Man! I Feel Like A Woman! Rock This Country, silly.

They blast it when entering rallies along his tour, including a recent stopover in North York (and we thought Stock was all prayer books and Oh Canada).

“It’s such an appropriate theme for him,’ says Day’s media coordinator, Paul Fitzgerald. “He listens to Shania, he likes her, she’s Canadian.’

Can’t argue with that.

But while his campaign team may think the song reflects the Day “new country’ vibe, apparently they didn’t get the singer’s permission to use the song.

“We were completely unaware of his usage of the track,’ says Twain’s publicist, Samantha Johnson. “Shania’s management is looking into it.’

We’ll have to wait and see whether Shania likes Stockwell as much as he likes her. The multi-million-unit-selling hillbilly may just decide, “That Don’t Impress Me Much.’

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