SummerWorks 2017: Directory of shows and reviews

With so many strong shows at Canada’s largest curated performance festival, it’s hard to know what to see ASAP. Here’s our roundup of reviews you can trust written by NOW’s regular theatre critics. If you need some help deciding, check out our 10 artists to watch at this year’s festival.

Select each title to get official info on the show and how to buy tickets. We’ve also included links to our previews and reviews, with new entries added throughout the fest. Note: we’re only reviewing shows that are playing at least a week and/or have more than four performances.

A >>> denotes a Critic’s Pick (4 or 5Ns).

Almeida (The Glorious)

>>> The Archivist [see feature story] [see NNNN review]

August, Augusta [see NNN review]

Catacomb [see NNN review]

>>> The Chemical Valley Project [see NNNN review]

Divine [see NNN review]

>>> Dolphin [see NNNN review]

>>> Explosions For The 21st Century [see NNNN review]

How To Relax [see NNN review]

Icone Pop

>>> The Invisible City (Live Art) [See NNNN review]

Landline (Live Art)

Less [see NNN review]

Let’s Try This Standing [see NNN review]

Lulling Time

>>> Mother Sea/Manman La Mer [see NNNN review]

>>> The Nails [see NNNN review]

Nashville Stories [see NN review]

O Nosso Fado

>>> The Only Good Indian [see NNNN review]

Paths (Live Art)

>>> Pearle Harbour’s Chautauqua [see NNNN review]

>>> Perfection [see NNNN review]

>>> Portrait [see NNNN review]

The Principle Of Pleasure [see NN review]

>>> Professionally Ethnic [see NNNN review]

Public Reading (Live Art)

Reality Theatre [see feature story] [see NNN review]

>>> Reassembled, Slightly Askew (Live Art) [see NNNN review]

Rootless [see NNN review]

>>> Ruin Road [See NNNN review]

Serenity Wild [see NNN review]

>>> The Smile Off Your Face [see NNNN review]

Someone Between [see NNN review]

Spawn [see NNN review]

>>> These Violent Delights [see NNNN review]

To Do, To Don’t

The Unpacking (Live Art)


>>> What Do You See? [see NNNN review]

What Linda Said [see NN review]

>>> White Man’s Indian [see NNNN review]


Are We Not Horses The Sci-Fi Summer Musical

Crush On Humans

Erased: Billy & Bayard

Boys In Chairs


Community Meal: Organic Community Gathering

The First Time I Saw The Sea

Ghost Days

The Lost Ones


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