High Buys: The buzziest cannabis products in Canada right now

CBD-infused sparkling water, a premium hash rosin and heavenly bud top our monthly roundup of go-to cannabis products

No. 515 Noisy Neighbour by Haven St.

We’ve all had them – sativa hybrids, that is – but this ultra sour from premium cannabis producer Haven St., notable for its aroma, is sweeter than most. havenst.ca

God Bud by Redecan, redecan.ca

God Bud by Redecan

This indica-dominant strain is greenhouse-grown, offers medium THC content and gives you a good bang for your buck at $7.50 a gram. Available at OCS and redecan.ca

Premium 5 hash rosin, premiumfive.ca

Premium 5 Hash Rosin in collaboration with North 40

Available in indica and hybrid and comes in three flavours, including sour pineapple, ripe banana, and citrus. premiumfive.ca

BRZY CBD-infused sparkling water, brzy.ca

Brzy CBD-infused sparkling water by Ontarieau and Level Up Infusions

We can all probably use a drink right now. This one won’t be appearing on a patio anytime soon, at least not legally. But they will be available at the Ontario Cannabis Store. The drinks come in three refreshing flavours: Yuzu + Ginger, Apple + Hibiscus and Peach + Basil. brzy.ca


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